How to know you need your appendix removed?

Ah, the appendix. That little guy hanging around in your body not doing anything except causing trouble when it’s inflamed. It’s like that one friend who always shows up uninvited and creates chaos at parties. But how do you know if you need to remove it? Well my dear reader, let me tell you all about the signs and symptoms of appendicitis.

What is an appendix?

Let’s start at the very beginning because God knows some of us don’t remember what we learned in biology class (sorry Mrs.Grimes). Your appendix is a small pouch-shaped organ located near where your small intestine meets your large intestine on the right side of your abdomen. According to science, its original function was possibly serving during evolution as a place for gut bacteria to live or helping digest plants, but now as per recent research – our bodies are better without them.

But why does it hurt?

Like I said earlier, no good ever comes from this piece of useless meaty tissue once it gets infected or blocked by something like poop- yes POOP! The result is called appendicitis, an inflammation that can lead to complications such as rupture if left untreated.

Symptoms: How do I know if mine needs removal

It can be challenging figuring out whether you’re experiencing appendicitis, especially since its symptoms could overlap with other stomach ailments such as gallstones or diverticulitis until unless diagnosed by professionals; however here are few common signs:

1. Abdominal pain

One early sign of appendicitis is that sharp shooting pains will hit just below your belly button before moving toward lower-right side which sometimes makes people think their colon must be mad about something they ate hours ago!


If suddenly after dinner / lunch plans now include bathroom trips instead of Netflix, it’s not just food poisoning- it could be because of your angry appendix. Nausea and vomiting occur when the inflammation affects your digestive system.


If you have all these years managed to dodge flu season like Neo dodging bullets in Matrix but now suddenly feel feverish or cold chills then Apostrophes to the rescue! Coming back to topic at hand – This indicates that there is already an infection going on inside which needs immediate attention.

4.Loss of appetite

You are talking with a friend about all sorta spicy foods while gobbling down delicious wings together for past one hour – and then next thing you know is not feeling hungry anymore even though your plate still has some chicken left? Something’s wrong honey – get yourself checked if similar situations persist.

When should I go see a doctor?

Now lookalike bullet proof jacket clad figures from movies- You need professional help when dealing with appendicitis. Inflammation can cause abdominal pain that worsens over time and unexpectedly- It won’t pass through some supplements bought from Instagram shops so please don’t try those before seeking medical attention.“better safe than sorry”.

Diagnosis: Am I really having Appendicitis?

Once you’ve rushed to the hospital( hopefully via ambulance ), few tests will either confirm whether its inflamed parasite-like organ giving troubles or there’s something else lurking behind the same symptoms:

1.Physical exam

After taking thorough history physical examination comes in form of palpating/pushing multiple areas around abdomen looking out for signs for swelling,tenderness etc

2.Blood test

Tests showing elevation in white blood cells / other infections markers confirm ongoing disease process.

3.Imaging(ICT Scan)

Although scans expose us to radiation (humans have enough superpowers without acquiring X-ray vision), they’re more accurate detecting swollen/ ruptured appendix which help surgeons plan removal.

Surgery: Will I survive?

In olden times, surgery to remove the culprit did conduct without much eventful happenings till now – but never fear! Advancements in surgical procedure mean you don’t have to say final goodbyes wearing a hospital gown. Appendectomy, whether via traditional laparoscopy or robotics, come under some routine procedures for surgeons specializing in this area of digestive system and takes less than an hour usually with patient going home next day.

Recovery: Life after Appendix

Some lucky ones have been gifted iron-willed guts since birth whereas others choose more fragile models- so every individual recovery time differs slightly;however few things that are quite common:


Listen to your body by taking enough rest – finding solace on couch spending week binge watching shows does not count as recovering though!


Pain management heavily features early days along with antibiotics depending upon severity of inflammation.

3.Food Intake

Start slow when it comes to meals – soup first before other solids come should be your simple strategy partnered along with increasing water intake.


No one likes unwelcome guests who can’t behave themselves (except maybe those weird cousins no one talks about)- especially if it turns out after they leave we feel significantly better. Respect & Understand Symptoms leading upto appendicitis is most important lesson adding up even google university degrees won’t serve upfront but keeping healthy lifestyle will boost our immune system helping in prevention against such ailments like inflamed appendix. Stay Healthy folks!

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