How to know if you have a stye?

Listen up, folks! Today we are talking about that annoying and painful thing that pops up near your eye – A STYE! Yes, it’s the one you keep touching every 5 seconds despite your mother/wife/partner silently glaring at you. Don’t worry though- we’re here to help you figure out if you’ve got a pesky stye or just some redness that will go away on its own.

Before Anything Else: What Even is a Stye?

OK, hold up buddy. We know some of y’all might not even be aware of what exactly a stye is (no judgement, okay?). So here’s “Styes 101” for y’all:

A stye is basically an infection caused by bacteria found in our skin’s naturally-produced oils. This oily environment provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria like staphylococcus aureus (bold text impt) which causes inflammation of the hair follicles/ oil glands around our eyelashes.

But don’t worry too much – usually these things resolve on their own in due course… unless they don’t!

Do You Have Symptoms Similar To That Of Conjunctivitis? NO CLICKBAIT HERE

The symptoms accompanying those with conjunctivitis tend to be similar – apart from additional discharge and mucus production.. If this sounds familiar, then damn habibi/darling/sweetheart/friend (depending who’s reading), let us not jump into any conclusions just yet.

Here Are Some Additional Signs That Might Point Towards The Culprit Being A Stye:

  1. Swelling: It’s hard to miss this one as it feels like half your face is turning into Shrek.
  2. Redness : Your peepers seem redder than angry cherry tomatoes because they couldn’t make it into your salad.
  3. Pain : As if life wasn’t painful enough, your eye now feels like somebody stuck a needle in it – this decides to rise especially when you touch the area around it or try closing/opening the eyelid.
  4. Tenderness: The swelling/howling pain makes that entire part of the face sensitive (pray for yourself while washing!).
  5. General Discomfort/Grittiness: It probably feels as though there’s grit rubbing against your eyeball with every blink.

If these five signs are resonating well with what you’re experiencing and thinking “OMG could I BE any more Chandler Bing”, go ahead and check out our next section!

Case Closed?

Well, umm.. Nope (bold statement; use sparingly)!

First off, here’s something to remember- only about one fourth of cases warrant formal examination/ treatment by medical practitioners so maybe hold off on dialing mom’s doc just yet . On top (“We may add”) of that, an early-stage stye may appear similar to other eye infections/diseases so don’t confidently say “I know everything” before getting an educated opinion from an eye care specialist.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Sleep Apnea Gear

Sleep apnea gear can be harsh/unsafe at times – mainly causing irritation/redness above/below our eyelids leading people into believing they perhaps have a sty., Beware Bill Cosby…

Allergy Meds or Drops:

Allergy flare-ups tend to cause symptoms quite similar which is why we highly recommend checking if allergy meds/drops bring relief.

So if you’ve gone through each point mentioned yet still cannot make up your mind, give us chance baby (thanks Prince), let’s break down some key differences between conjunctivitis Vs Styes.

Spotting The Differences Between Styes And Conjunctivitis (Thank us later)

A thorough examination by a professional ought to do it but in this case we suggest cracking open that notebook from Algebra 1 and start creating tables (we all know everyone’s guilty of doodling at the back of their math notebooks).


# Symptoms:
– Red conjunctiva,
– Watery eyes with discharge/mucous production

# Possible Causes
: Oily skin around lash roots

{{#ElseCheck ==”Conjuctives”}}

# Symptom List
: Red conjunctiva,
-Watery discharge/mucusproduction

## Possible Cause Of Conjunctivitis

viruses or bacteriacausing inflammation.

allergens, like dust,pollen or pet dander.



2) Treatment:

– Resolves on its ownunless caused due to bacterial/viral infection where meds arerecommended.

– Clean your nose often,
– Not using personal towels/face-cloth when cleaning face/eyes to avoid contamination.

### Comparison: Stye Vs. Conjunctivitis

Some of us might be too lost in the math formulas I mentioned earlier, but a key takeaway here would be that most cases involving either condition solves itself after sometime and treating yourself at home should do it!

Here are some practices/tips you could benefit from :

Avoid sharing eye products with anyone (duh)
Make sure those paws/hands aren’t dirtier than Buzz McAllister’s laundry bags before touching around the eyes.
Resistance is futile! But try not give into poking/prodding around [using Q-Tips] which can lead to bleeding/infection.

## When To Seek Professional Help

If symptoms still persist past a few days or new symptoms appear like double vision/partial loss of vision, go ahead and seek help as soon as possible. Eye infections/diseases if left untreated have disastrous consequences and we’re pretty certain pirate looks just won’t cut it anymore.

Let us not turn this into an episode out of Grey’s Anatomy now, but Please don’t shy away from professional opinion for worrying about who gets stuck with that medical bill – money saved today might equal our eye usage saved tomorrow! We Rest Our Case 😉 ..

Thank You For Your Attention Class!

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Stye Conjunctivitis
– Swelling/redness/pain/tenderness,
– small pimple-like structure on eyelid, which may ooze tiny amounts of pus.
-Hot compresses,
– Eyedrops/Antibiotics as per medical opinion.{{/IfCheck

Usually resolves on its own within few days,unless caused due to bacterial/viral infection where meds are recommended.
– Clean your nose often,
– Not using personal towels/face-cloth when cleaning face/eyesto avoid contamination.