How to know if you have a ruptured disk?

Welcome to this informative and hilarious article about how to know if you have a ruptured disk. We will be discussing what exactly is a ruptured disk, the causes of such an injury, symptoms that come with it, and tips on preventing future occurrences. So grab your popcorn, loosen up your muscles because we are about to become lumberjacks without axes.

What is a Ruptured Disk?

Let’s begin by clarifying what precisely is going on in our backs when we get ourselves into trouble. In scientific terms, a ruptured disk occurs when the soft inner part of the vertebral disc pushes through a crack in its outer wall. If you’re not into vocabulary like us genius writers here (we can tell), then all you need to remember from this definition – things go boom inside your back!

What Causes This Injury?

Before diving right into practical advice for detecting the issue at hand, let’s take some time out for fun facts! These common reasons cause fractured disks:

  • Genetics: Who knows? Maybe it runs in the family!
  • Obesity: Your body needs workouts too.
  • Smoking: Don’t do drugs
  • Trauma: Suck it up soldier… literally.
  • Ageing – A universal problem that none of us can escape.

In short imagine lifting yourself plus more than half your weight repeatedly throughout most days and combine that effort by not caring about posture; Equals OH NO!!

Common Symptoms

Now comes spotting signs–let’s make sure everyone keeps their hands close for one last time unless well-stretched 😉

Here are things to look out for if you think might have hurt your spinal cord:

  1. Pain — The indication shared between millions………and billions upon billions least once ‘Back-Ache’ hasn’t skipped anyone’s house(it’s even been included as symptom # 1,427 for COVID-19).
  2. Numbness — Don’t confuse it with a slab of frozen chicken meat.
  3. Muscle Spasms — Ain’t those fun little nuisances?
  4. Difficulty Walking – ‘I don’t know’ might just be the answer to most important questions.
  5. Weakness in Hands/Legs – “You dropped my doughnut” can be argued as strength too.

PRO TIP: If you find yourself experiencing only one of these symptoms, your life’s gone way too easy up until now; time to start putting effort into becoming superhuman!


Assuming you’ve done everything wrong and are certain that something has indeed ruptured from all kinds of within areas better left unmentionable but none less described… It’s time to get checked out by someone who knows more about anything involving medicine than us.

However..that does not mean we can’t educate you on what several tests Doctors may run upon their patient arriving (implied siren sound effects)

  1. Straight Leg Test: Trick or treat without any sweets is what patients describe this test as (we will let that sink-in)
    2.History and Physical Exam– Basically if your ears have been ignored before now they won’t revert so soon
    3.Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan/ Computerized tomography(CT Scans)–I swear machines took over our lives until they started doing things better themselves…

So go see the doctor!! because Google diagnoses are unacceptable nowadays.

But also remember Surgery isn’t always an option so brace yourselves when seeking medical guidance.(well atleast it’ll remind yourself to keep your posture intact)

Prevention Activities

Most good news ends with bad news however lucky for everyone today is opposite Day!!

Here’s how you prevent such issues creating ruts down future timelines:

  • Maybe try staying in shape? gasp
  • Quit smoking; it isn’t that cool, trust us.
  • Have correct posture to avoid “Oops I broke my back moments.”
  • Work smart–Do not work harder than you have to (we hope that made sense)
  • Exercise your spine muscles — Maybe even a little jog(by foot) down park road
  • No Titanic impersonations unless you are in front of the mirror for one.


Well well well! We’ve done it once again and hopefully no backs were hurt during this learning period. Remember what we say ‘Stand Tall and DO NOT FALL’.

Now go forth with knowledge so vast it blinds people and when they ask if your glasses are dirty tell them, “No, just blinded by science from an amazing article.”

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