How to know if cellulitis is spreading?

Are you worried that your red, swollen skin might have turned into everyone’s favorite party-pooper – cellulitis? Fret not! Cellulitis may sound like the barbeque every kid wants an invitation to but in reality, it is just a bacterial infection of one or more layers of skin making them swell and ooze out all sorts of disgusting concoctions.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), identifying whether or not your cellulitis has started spreading isn’t rocket science. It just requires a keen eye and some good old-fashioned common sense. So buckle up as we take you on this bumpy ride of detecting the sly expansions caused by this impish little tropical marine bacterium called Streptococcus pyogenes!

Symptoms: The telltales signs

The first step towards understanding whether your skin inflammation has crossed its lines should be keeping track of symptoms related to cellulitis. These are primarily external, so put those x-ray goggles away!

  • Redness around the infected area
  • Swelling causing immense pain
  • Hardened texture compared to other parts
  • Warm temperature when touched
  • Blisters filled with fluids can deal serious damage.

In certain severe cases vomiting or difficulty breathing among blood pressure changes become increasingly vital factors.You could easily confuse any one with themselves however our recommendation would be consulting professional help immediately after observing such occurrence.

Rule Out Confusion

Now hold on tight because things start getting trickier from hereon! Since there are several different types/ causes of inflammation (a clever camouflage tactic!) , before jumping to conclusions make sure what you have arrived at indeed matches someone else’s case history too while ruling out other possibilities,

Other possible conditions include:

Bug bites

Nope! Not talking about Aunt Bertha turning into her mosquito-hating monster again although we don´t blame her. We mean you might have been bitten by any critter whilst lazing about in the wilderness which could immune to any over-the-counter treatment


Often confused with psoriasis, it is caused as a skin reaction to external environmental factors like soaps, fragrances or an internal trigger from our Gluten stealing gut friends.

Multiple swellings

If you see swelling throughout different parts of your body that can occur simultaneously- hold my drink because both lymphedema and angioedema share similar characteristics on externally and internally visible areas of infection.

Keeping this in mind puts us one step closer towards figuring out exactly how we diagnose cellulitis spreading!

Looking Into The Mirror

After ruling out possible misidentifications arising through confusion , lets move forward and act serious!.

Red Flesh!!

The first thing (besides screaming) if your kickass doctor has ruled out any other possibility , look at the size of the affected area . It’s essential to track down how extensively contagious it may be over time!. Make sure there are no feverish rashes on other parts too!

Pro Tip: Invest in a measuring tape/companion carefully measured markings allow for easy tracking while leading healthier hygiene practices compared notes daily basis.

Next, keep an eye on changes within these symptoms amongst pressure under/around the place if touched during post injury care – Any change colouration may hint at more serious matters. A warmth associated with the swollen part focusing around small red spots may give clues regarding further progression into edematosis.

Advances Stages of Cellulitis — Keep Calm While They Panic

Although early stage symptoms described turn into muddled puddles as disease progresses– diagnosis moves further along spread capable stages tis why patience plays prime utility when dealing with determination of cellutis pandemic.

When present within relatively advanced conditions below mentioned signs entail alert symptoms signaling urgency:

  • Skin blisters giving way to more significantly puss-infected areas
  • Fever past the norm of 100°F for adults along further often associated body fatigue or joint aches.
  • Red marks indicate the extent of inflammation had spread causing serious implications in terms of swelling resurfacing.
  • Varied treatment offered from local skin infection creams to oral antibiotics may prove vital mainly depending how far under your pocket lint extends towards.


To round it off, identifying whether or not your cellulitis is spreading just requires you to keep a keen eye on external symptoms, rule out possible confusions with other conditions, and carefully track changes in size or texture. If all else fails don’t forget Descriptiva Consulting preaches importance seeking medical examination especially when things seem escalated!

Remember: Don´t Panic — We´ve got cellulitis by its jellyfish arms this time!

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