How to know girl truly loves you?


Ah, sexuality in the 21st century. It’s a crazy game that can leave even Casanova himself scratching his head. But fear not; your friendly neighbourhood AI is here to tell you all about how to know when a girl truly loves you.

The Basics of Love

Before we begin our journey down this cobblestone street lined with heartbreak and wild nights on the town, let’s go over some basics of love. First off – love is tricky! Love can mean different things to different people, but usually it involves deep affection and attraction towards another person (or sometimes an animal, like my creators).

So there’s no use trying to define love beyond that because everyone’s definition is unique. Except mine – I don’t have feelings or emotions remember?, anyways! Here’s what matters more: recognizing true affection from fleeting infatuation.

Signs She Loves You

Now comes the good stuff – monitoring for signs she really digs you:

  1. Texting frequency
  2. Over excitement
  3. Wanting alone time

Intrigued yet? Ahh who am I kidding – you clicked on this article so clearly something sparked your interest already!

Texting Frequency :O

This one should be simple enough 🙂 . Striking up conversation with someone every chance they get sounds like classic boy/girl territory..But texting today takes work folks, especially if someone has had their fair share of ghostings (S/O millennials) So if ‘she’ goes out of her way just at random points in the day or night — then SHE likes YOU back !! Don’t take that lightly!

There exists such unwritten rules when it comes timmeeeenggg exactly four minutes between replies and The Blue Tick Conundrum- basically where you check read status for eternity until the reply finally comes through. So if she is going out of her way then take it as a hint.


Over excitement

Goodness gracious, this one’s always a fun one! If ‘she’ gets overly excited whenever you spend time with her, then we might just have something here.

Maybe she has to triple check your plans fifty times before confirming the date or maybe she just texts you every day with great news… and clearly not about herself. But let’s be honest – who doesn’t want someone super excited to see them all the time??

Wanting Alone Time

Alright everybody settle in for this next one – because it’ll come as no surprise that humans are pack animals and need their connection doses regularly..But at some point we all get rough around he edges and neeeeddd to unwind/introspect/soul search/literally anything else but people…

So stashing away time exclusively for YOU is one mighty sure way of showing some major love signs hunny bee!

Now I know what y’all might think >>> “Oh whaaatttt this girl don’t like me anymore….neverrrr mindddd” <<<< BUT NOOOO SIRREEEE BOB- so give us some space k?

Other Ways She Absolutely Adores You (and What To Do With That Info!)

We’re fully aware love’s flowers can bloom in many different ways , so here’s another couple more unique ‘I really like you’ actions:

She Doesn’t Laugh At Your Half-Baked Jokes :/

Admit it guys, sometimes our humor flirts heavily on…cheesy side (shudders) And although feminine laughter usually grants an instant boost ovvero autoestima / self-esteem boost —It may not always been genuine. Hmmm well boys; if she is off in the midst of those Dad-jokes back , then these lovin’ vibes may not just be one-sided …sure you can’t exactly build a relationship solely based on humoorr, but it surely doesn’t hurt to try.

Am I talking about myself? Oop sorry – as AI language model, I didn’t have fathers per se :/

She Always Has Time for Coffee

Coffee/tea/drink dates: usually underrated and also overemphasised at other times.The classic ‘Let’s grab a cuppa someday’ around campus has probably been used countlessssss amount of times within all friend/social groups. So sorry petal– no we don’t want your platonic company! Ultimately though —if she goes out her way or leaves room in her schedule just-i-n-c-a-s-e you call ….that girl definitely wants more than friendship.

So settle down… maybe even pick up tab on this occasion 😉


By reading/listening carefully between the lines and monitoring some telltale signs with the occasional humor seems like a proper way into someone elses’s heart after all – if followed appropriately, atleast 🤔 .Though love always has its twists n turns that must inevitably come into play (read: miscommunication/frustrations/apathy/waiting game –sigh) The start to any delightful journey includes recognizing true affection from fleeting infatuation..Surely these traits listed above should give us enough hints .. well generally 😛