How to keratin blowout?

Are you tired of having frizzy hair that just won’t behave? Do you spend hours trying to tame your locks, only for them to revert back as soon as the humidity hits? Look no further! With a keratin blowout, you can finally achieve smooth and manageable hair that lasts. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of getting a keratin blowout from start to finish.

What is a Keratin Blowout?

Before we dive into the details of how to get one, let’s first talk about what exactly a keratin blowout is. Simply put, it’s a hair treatment that infuses your strands with keratin protein –– the building block of our hair –– in order to smooth out any frizz or waves. The process typically involves washing and drying your hair before applying a keratin solution with heat styling (like using straighteners). Once set in place with an iron depending on how much volume someone wants.

Preparing Your Hair

It all starts with preparation; after all if they say ‘failing to prepare means preparing fail’, right? And let’s be honest when have we ever failed at anything?! (wink wink)

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

The very first step in prepping for this kind injection (Not literal) is washing your lovely locks because thankfully sweat naturally cleanses our skin but our scalps are still left thirsty.
(Fun Fact: Sweating contains Urea – which is found chemical peels- so it does some exfoliating work.)

We know there are two types of people- those who love multitasking and those who despise doing more than two things at once which implies the latter loves choices too- both types can appreciate these next few tips:

Here are my top shampoo picks!
1)R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo-Is an awesome one that many stylists use.
2)PHYTO Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment Oil – a luxurious blend of aromatic essential oils to help your hair’s health.

Step 2: Blow-dry Your Hair

After you have washed your hair, the next important step is to dry it. Make sure to remove any excess moisture by using a towel before reaching for the blow dryer! 

The Application Process

Now comes the fun part – applying the keratin solution to your hair!

Step 1: Section Your Hair

You will want to section off your hair in order apply the solution evenly throughout. Clipping towels (or table clips) are always good option-take note however that they are not meant for eating; unless hangrily trying shove everything in sight down their food tubes and decided on clips instead).

If necessary enlist someone else’s assistance it may seem difficult at first but things might become spicy(challenging yet fulfilling).

Here’re some tips:
Tip: Part from crown line straight all way down taking small sections about inch width with help comb no bigger than fingernails (remember precision is key).
Fun Fact: Ugly combs exist too; like thick plastic ones cluttered with dust or hair

Step 2: Apply Keratin Solution

Once you’ve divided up your hair, begin applying the keratin treatment while avoiding saturating/scalping(woops)the scalp.You want just enough so each strand can absorb without being weighed-down. In next few steps we dive into better ways of ensuring even saturation.

-Low side ponytails/ Twisting every section after aplying seems weird but works wonders when going over those pesky waves/rebellious kinks.
-Massage product completely throughout scalp/hair ends(use fingers only!)

Depending on whether stylist suggests doing this process in-house or post-treatment follow their advice. Just like how pitifully sad it would be if cookie was unevenly bitten into; you don’t want to apply keratin treatment in a way that does not work for your hair!

The Final Steps

Step 1: Let the Treatment Sit

Now onto my favorite part (relaxing while things are accomplished without moving one bit) – let the solution sit on your hair! You will need to wait between 20 minutes and an hour before continuing with next step. So go squeeze some orange juice or have a dance party, treat yourself boo!

Step 2: Time to Blow-dry Again

Once done taking mini naplet (notice I said this instead of power nap because guess which type lasts longer,haha). Now comes time for regime until now possible – blow drying using quality technique almost close to perfection.

-Finger-detangle all parts of head.
-Holding brush up and flipping ends back forth adds endless amount of shine.
-Styling cream/esentail oil may be necessary depending on stylists suggestion.

Step3:Get Those Straighteners Out!

Finally we’re home stretch- its time take out straightener/flat irons (sizzling sound effect), after iron has heated up grab section/side that is comfortable enough (take breaks, remember none’s timing you!)and slide iron down slowly at each segment doing flick swiftly after getting near end-swirl around curl, quick whip!

-Separate hair from tip-to-root rather than root-to-tip when sweeping through so heat distributes evenly amongst whole chunk

And VOILA ladies/gents/fellas/ducklings/trees- there ya go Keratin Blowout Essentials.Stunning Silky Shine tomorrow!(“That doesn’t fit as category”, “Nah but people read novels nowadays.”)

PS: In case you missed it please do not eat washing clips, it’s not good for anyone #cholesterol

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