How to keep your curly hair moisturized?

Are you tired of dealing with dry and brittle curly hair? Do your curls often feel rough and unmanageable? Fear not, my fellow curly-haired comrades. With the right products and techniques, you can keep your curls hydrated and bouncy all day long. In this guide, we will explore various methods to help maintain moisture in your luscious locks.

Understanding Curly Hair

Before diving into how to moisturize curly hair, it is important to understand what makes our curls unique. Curly hair has a naturally occurring twist that causes sebum (oil produced by the scalp) to travel down each strand slower than straight hair. This results in less oil reaching the ends of our strands where it’s most needed for hydration.

Additionally, curly hair cuticles are raised due to its texture, making them prone to damage from heat styling tools and environmental stressors like sun exposure or harsh winds. All these factors contribute towards why keeping your curls well-hydrated is crucial for maintaining overall healthy-looking locks.

Tips To Keep Your Curls Hydrated

With so many products on the market claiming to add moisture back into our tresses, how do we know which ones actually work? Well fret not because here are some tried-and-true tips on ways you can strengthen those bonds between H2O molecules within those wild coils!

Conditioner Is Key

When it comes time for washing your mane be sure always reach for conditioner over shampoo! As mentioned before natural oils have trouble travelling down each strand entirely therefore relying on only shampoo could strip even more moisture out leaving something as dry as wheat toast when ideally wanting silky strands resembling angel soft tissue paper!

Apply a generous amount of conditioner focusing primarily at ends since they need love too!! For extra bonus points preheat oven…. joking I mean plug-in steamer about 5 minutes prior to starting your hair washing process. This helps with opening cuticles allowing conditioner to penetrate each strand for optimal moisturizing effects.

Another helpful tip: Be sure to detangle with a wide-tooth comb or fingers while the conditioner is still in! Doing this step alone will elevate strengths of curls without breaking them and obviously leaving silky effortless babe-like strands after styling.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

On days where you don’t opt for heat styling, embracing allow those tresses time endulge in moisture heaven using a weekly deep conditioning treatment; some brands like Shea Moisture, As I Am and Ouidad are known their fabulous hydrating treatments that make your curls feel weightless as if ready for take off on beach day dreamin’.Remember sometimes certain items we have sitting kitchen cabinets could be just what our curly heads crave—bentonite clay mask anyone?

After applying treat yourself to hot towel or hooded dryer chilling cap whichever or gosh darn it both girl, either work wonders.While waiting let’s not forget self-care time adding slight splashes water from sink over shower head so no worries if electric bill can’t keep up!

### Hair Oil

Embracing putting hair oil? Some oils working fantastic keeping things tame include jojoba, argan castor, coconut as well olive olil work well when our luxurious locks call dropletsOne suggestion add few drops any favorite essential oils enhancing mind set making detangling slightly more enjoyable!)

Curls need extra moisture especially during colder months- save money avoiding heating system turning back start growing collection cold caps which typically $4-$5 drug mart.because receiving regular oils sessions will definitely notice quite significant difference!!

Also dont fear about oil appearing too “oily”; beauty lies within clients admiration actual bit of healthy shine showing themselves off.

Styling With Moisture In Mind

Moisturizing isn’t something only reserved for hair-washing days either! How can we keep our curls hydrated while still achieving the styles we love?

Avoiding Heat Styling Tools

We know how tempting it can be to turn up the heat, especially when trying to achieve a certain look or control frizz. But hot styling tools like flat irons and curling wands can cause lasting damage to delicate curly strands. Instead, opt for air-drying techniques or low-heat alternatives such as diffusers.

Protective Styling

Ever notice your curls looking extra amazing after having them tucked away in a protective style? This is because these hairstyles help lock in moisture by shielding our tresses from external factors that would otherwise strip us of precious hydration!

Braid outs, twists-outs and scalp braids all count here as well combining with extensions and satisfyingly sitting back at least couple weeks without washing again feeling proud knowing saving those locks from much needed break.

Curly Hair Products To Swear By

There are tons of products out there claiming that they’re perfect for curly hair but wanna-be spiral sisters beware: Not every product created equally nor some budget friendly.

Luckily we have compiled few products worthy throwing fists high:

  • Kinky-Curly Curl Custard - This gel helps define natural curls while preserving necessary moisture
  • Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash – Intentionally lacking sulfates this shampoo uses natural oils keeping vivid rings flourishing healthy-looking.
  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie — Hydrating smoothie aiding adding definition softness crave making it super easy detangle afterwards!

Another helpful tip—always pay attention what’s on labels; sometimes containing ingredients known leaving even driest heads weighed down instead weightless refreshed!

Final Word(s) On Keeping Curls Moisturized

The key takeaway here is regular maintenance!! It won’t happen overnight giving yourself a break accepting it will take couple washes to start seeing some uttering hydrated hope.So don’t hesitate incorporating these methods today alongside patience and be kind to those radiantly curly bouncing strands of lovely!