How to keep toddler busy while working from home?

Working from home is a dream come true for many parents. However, when you have a toddler at home, keeping them entertained while you work can be challenging. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to keep your little one busy so that you can focus on work without any distractions.

Start Early

It’s essential to start planning early if you want to ensure that your toddler is occupied when it’s time for you to work. Here are some things you should do:

  • Wake Up Early: Wake up before your little ones to get everything in order before they wake up.
  • Plan Activities the Night Before: Plan the activities beforehand at night so that there’s no panic during working hours.

Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule will help both of  you predict as well as prepare what comes next seamlessly and encourage teamwork between caregivers and children of all ages.

Slot Activity
Morning (9–11 am) Arts & crafts
Afternoon (2 – 4 pm) game time / walk outside
Evening(6–8 pm) reading session

Having a schedule gives structure not only adds clarity but also makes mindful choices about priorities.

Give Them Independent Tasks

Giving toddlers independent tasks helps boost confidence while encouraging self-playtime.

  • Board Games: Encourage board games like Jenga or blocks(Learning via playing).

  • Coloring Books/ Sketch pens: They help the child tap into their creative side which helps express themselves.By giving choices based on their interests promotes autonomous thinking leveraging different learning styles.

  • Reading Magazines/Mini Books: picture books/magazine pages with big images improves cognitive skills also improves attention to detail.

  • Water Play: An affordable alternative to outdoor water play has been introducing bowl of water at home which can definitely keep them engaged.

Incorporate Entertainment into Learning

Engaging your child in learning activities can be a fun way to introduce educational concepts. Here are some ideas that will help you make this happen:

  • Play-Doh Sculpting
    Shaping the dough, bringing shapes and expression plays an highly stimulating role in improving critical thinking skills.(


  • Teaching Basic Counting & Math: Start with ten blocks per lesson slowly decreasing it daily helps identifying numbers as well().

Get Help from Friends or Family Members

This option is for when emergencies show up while completing work-tasks especially during virtual meetings.Thanks to technology one can contact capable friends/family members by Whatsapp/videocalls asking them if they wouldn’t mind babysitting virtually for half an hour.

  • Note: Always make sure there’s consent between parties, know how long these sessions take place among others so as not to end on bad terms.

Set Up A Safe Space

Creating a designated toddler space is possible even if we’ve limited living spaces.

  • Try using unsued storage space like unused bedroom/attic/basement with enough room keeping distance from any potential hazards.

  • No matter where you decide, ensure toys/books/puzzles etcetera specific items suited best according tot their particular likes.

Ensure This area does;

-Sufficient ventilation,

-Availability of books,

-Lighting source sufficient

Ultimately granted physical safety but also added value of cultivating sense individual private time adapted for kids experiences helpful down the road when critically needed.

Make Time For Active Breaks

More than sedentary activities need occasional shifts focus towards more engaging options enabling blood flow throughout and nourishing developing minds promoting growth through activity built consistently within days.A good idea replacing breaks inbetween tasks/activities by incorporating activities like:

  • Dancing:Letting loose and have fun.Technostress wont stand a chance after this one.()

  • Taking Walks or Stroller Rides Around the neighborhood:The change of sceenery does kids wonders which helps in reseting moods refueling brain power.”()

Use Technology Wisely

Yes, we know too much exposure to screen time may be unsuitable but unmonitored use of technology can definitively keep children entertained for awhile.Though it’s essential to watch closely when your child is using digital devices so that they won’t develop any bad habits.

Here are some apps and websites that both you and your youngsters will love:

  • ABC mouse: ABCmouse is an online learning platform designed especially for young children aged between two-five years().

  • PBS Kids: Designed for preschoolers offering ‘kids games’ aspects with educational content specifically fostering creativity & problem solving ().

    Note: Always check age recommendations if files/server/computer installed with antivirus softwares capable blocking malicious content used from open web

Don’t Forget Snack Time!

A hungry toddler during working hours can result in chaos! Having snacks readily available distracts them into munching on something delicious As opposed creating disruption.

Some snack ideas include;

-Fruit chunks/apple sticks.

-Cheese cubes.


Ultimately These tips may not always work depending on your child’s temperament, likes/dislikes,and interests but worth experimenting trying different options untila desired pattern emerges.Focus shifts towards making best of remote-working experience without sacrificing valuable bonding experiences with our toddlers (after all they’re only little once).