How to keep sunburn blisters from popping?

Ah, summer! The time for fun in the sun, beach trips, and more importantly – getting sunburnt beyond recognition. We’ve all been there – lying on a beach towel feeling like a scorched lobster as our skin turns an angry shade of red. But what’s worse than skin turning splotchy shades? Those pesky little sunburn blisters that appear after your skin has been baked under the merciless glare of sunlight.

We know how frustrating they can be, so we’re here to help you master the art of keeping those blisters contained without going all bubble wrap on yourself. In this article (oops!), we’ll give you some hilariously helpful tips on how to keep those little buggers from popping up!

First things first: What are Sunburn Blisters?

Before we dive into keeping these guys in check, it’s essential (like sunscreen)to understand them better. So what exactly are sunburn blisters? Well, when your skin gets exposed to UV rays for an extended period (without sunscreen or BEER), it loses moisture resulting in red painful patches and eventually blistering(eww)! It is highly likely that after several hours post-exposure bubbles will appear underneath that red patch which can even cause chills (Seriously?)!

## Taking Steps Against Blister Formations

Now that we have established why these blisters form let’s get right down with few proactive steps( no shortcuts here peps!!!) you should take while stepping out every day during summers:

Cover up

Nope! Not referring literally-a ragged t-shirt won’t really protect your delicate bare neck or arms properly(from suntan) so spare yourselves(y’all!)the embarrassment and invest in proper summer clothes; wide-brimmed hats,sunglasses, and lightweight cotton clothes will go a long way to protecting your skin from the wrath of the sun.

Seek Shade

Just like we choose an air-conditioned room during summers, Our skin too can use some shade( mind you!), Trees, umbrellas, even an under-construction building above your head would do wonders (uhh?).

Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

Now that our precious bodies are appropriately covered let’s give them pre-emptive protection with the best summer accessory outside of a good book: Sunscreen. Lather it up and make sure there’s no greasy residue(no one enjoys looking like they’ve just been slathered in Vaseline) left behind.

Tips for Dealing with Blisters

Okay, despite our best efforts (slathering on sunscreen or wearing a salwar suit) we’ve still managed to get burned – seemingly hopeless when those blisters start cropping up all over (even where you thought not possible!) So what now? Worry not! We have got few tips so that those little pains in the neck remain contained.

Keep It Cool

Nope! Not borrowing callousness from Frosty here but rather applying cold compresses to soothe your mushy crisps.Slap painful areas with dampened towels or cloths soaked in cool water making sure not to rub roughly against.(Halt right there!!!!!ok?)

Moisturize That Skin

Blisters chiefly occur because sunburnt skins lose moisture as days on end progress.After going through those long hours under scorching heat(rubbing alcohol!)you might want (‘need’ better yet!)to switch methods of soothing yourself(Que butter please!). Apply generous amounts of moisturizers preferrably containing Aloe vera gel at-least twice a day(and let’s be honest-who doesn’t love smelling like coconuts thrown around beach shores?)

Avoid Popping Those Blisters

Yes, it’s tough, and it hurts 😫, but under NO circumstances should you pop those pesky little suckers? Bursting them unleashes that salty liquid – a perfect dish suited for the bacteria on your skin which ultimately leads to infection(rubbing it with sandpaper would be less painful then!?). We repeat – do not be tempted to break or burst blisters because in no time they WILL end up worse than before.

“Busting” Sunburn Myths!

Ah! Ze myths! These misconceptions are bustin’ our bubble since long(remember mama asking to peel off your crispy skin?). But let’s set things straight once(refresh!)for all:

Myth 1: Peeling Skin Hurts So Good.

Like getting back at someone who made fun of you by hurting yourself?(uhh Maybe?) Well we disagree. When dead skin peels off prematurely instead of slowly shedding on its own(it washes down the drain),it exposes raw tissue underneath which is akin (and will feel like)to being skinned alive.(Ouchy)

Myth 2 :Vinegar Or Alcohol Actually Help

Regular household vinegars or rubbing alcohol may seem soothing initially but drying agents like these will damage^()the already torched cuticles promoting dehydration and thus making issues even more serious!!!

Products Result
Vinegar Burning Sensation
Rubbing Alcohol Dehydrates The Already Burnt Tissues(Even Painful!)

(Take notes people✔✔!)

Back To Our Lovely Bunnie(Sunburn Victim-Lame?)

Whether out of idle hands or anxiety, popping sunburn blisters is a huge no-no.Keep ‘em clean,dry & moisturized(will pay in coming days!).Follow these tips, and we promise you’ll be on track to that flake-free recovery in no time!(Well unless peeling off skin is your 𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘬….EWWW)

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