How to keep peep toe shoes from rubbing?

We’ve all been there – wearing those cute new peep toe shoes that we just had to have, and then regretting it shortly after due to the unbearable pain of them rubbing against our toes. But fear not! With a few simple tips and tricks, you can prevent this discomfort and still strut your stuff in style.

Choose The Right Size

First things first, make sure that you are wearing the correct size of shoes. It might sound obvious, but many people tend to buy shoes that are too small or too big for their feet, which leads to rubbing and blisters.

  • Proper sizing is key
  • Make use of insoles/sizing guides
  • Have your feet measured before purchasing

Break Them In

Once you’ve determined that your peep toe shoes fit correctly, spend some time breaking them in before donning them out for an entire day. This will help alleviate any pressure points or friction areas.

  • Wear socks with the shoes when breaking them in
  • Gradually adjust length/frequency of wear
  • Don’t force it if they feel uncomfortable

Utilize Protective Products

There are numerous products available that can be applied directly onto your skin or shoe material to reduce irritation.

Moleskin Pads

Moleskin pads can be strategically placed inside or outside of the shoe where rubbing occurs most frequently. These sticky-backed pads add extra cushioning which reduces friction between skin and shoe material.

Sole Stick/Glide Stick/Powder Gel You won’t believe us until you try these magical inventions! Glide sticks work wonders by applying a slick coating over areas prone to blistering.

But be wary – apply sparingly otherwise greasy food vibes may follow…

Band-Aids/Blister Plasters/Toe Caps/Tape

These items act as barrier protection between your skin and shoe. They work wonders in helping to protect sensitive skin areas that are prone to rubbing.

Style Them Strategically

Choosing stylish peep toe shoes is important but also consider how you style them. People often overlook the effects of slippage caused by loose material/rolled up jeans etc which then results in more movement between foot & shoe leading again to…you got it, blisters!

Pair with socks or tights

Don’t be afraid to throw on a pair of cute socks or tights for added protection and an interesting look

Consider heel covers/tape

If your shoes tend to slip at the heel area, using tape or sticky grips can add some extra friction as well

Seek Professional Help

Lastly don’t hesitate getting help where needed! Every foot shape is different and sometimes issues arise due to abnormalities such fradditional bones, hallux valgus (bunions) or just general issues with arch support when walking.

  • Podiatrists
  • Orthotists
  • Shoe repair shops

By following these tips natural birth control methodstitip toes avoiding annoying slips happy kness see how a few minor adjustments brings peace .

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