How to increase your milk supply at night?

Are you a new mom who can’t seem to produce enough milk, especially at night when your little one is fussier? Don’t worry; we’ve got some udderly amazing tips for you on how to increase your milk supply at night that will leave you laughing and feeling like a dairy queen!

The Milky Way: Understanding the Science behind Milk Production

Before we begin sharing tips and tricks, let’s understand the science of lactation. When it comes to breastfeeding or pumping breastmilk, production works on a ‘supply and demand’ basis. The more milk baby consumes/extracts from the breasts, the higher the chance of producing more milk (1).

The hormone responsible for signaling lactation is called prolactin (2). Prolactin levels spike during pregnancy, but after delivery and as time progresses between feedings or pumps without much output from either side, this production signal dwindles.

Let’s dive into moovement with our top hacks!

Cows Have Nothing On Us: 6 Super Hacks On Increasing Milk Production At Night

Grab yourself an imaginary cow bell (ding ding) because these super hacks promise to double your production at any hour.

Hack 1: Try Laid-Back Breastfeeding

Nope! It doesn’t require laying off coffee or wearing postpartum shapewear meant for snakes – just lying back while nursing/Pumping:

  • Place towels under Baby’s legs if they fall off Mama’s lap.
  • Lie down/slightly lean back against pillows/bolsters/couch/armchair before placing baby tummy-to-tummy.
  • Allow gravity & positioning do work its magic so there isn’t pressure pulling away from your nipple causing damage/latching difficulties.

This position encourages skin-to-skin contact which may help release oxytocin – a hormone that boosts milk production (3). Plus, Moms won’t get tired arms/hips from holding baby for hours on end!

Hack 2: Power Pumping Is A Legit Strategy

This isn’t your regular pumping schedule; it’s easier and milking fun:

  • Find a cozy spot where you can sit undisturbed.
  • For an hour each day or two grab all the fun accessories – pump, hands-free bra, multiple bottles/bags to store milk – have available to maximize time spent producing.
  • Ensure there is enough privacy/an outlet if using electric pumps.
  • The idea is to trick Mama’s body into believing the demand for milk has increased.

Power pumping means taking breaks while expressing every few minutes instead of waiting until empty each breast causing brain signals (4) between mama nubs -> booby glands = ‘produce more!’
Moo-velous right?

Hack 3: Use Heat Therapy Before Pumping

Who knew breastfeeding could be an opportunity in disguise for those absenceships and backaches:

Heat therapy helps increase blood flow making it easier for mammary glands which produce milk cells re-up supply after previously expelling liquids during feeding/pumping session (5).

A nursing mother designed one type of product uniquely focusing on lactation called The Lacteck. This wearable device gently warms up tissue with light vibrations increasing efficiency in clearing out ducts reducing clogging so painful engorgment doesn’t emerge.

Ice Queen Treatment: Our Remaining Three Ways To Increase Milk Production

Sugar might not seem like something dairy products need but try as they may keeping sugars off treats at times will be worth spending sampling udder changes in routine.

There are plenty of sugary alternatives such as honey or vanilla essence!

‘Madonna’ said, “Express yourself!” but we say cool down too! From chilly reception halls celebrating weddings to having personal crises’ during thunderstorms, place your comfort at the forefront especially when pumping milk.

Hack 4: Ice Up Your Boobies

Who knew keeping it cool could help produce more milk? Here’s a hack for the future ice queen in you:

  • Ice packs wrapped in soft fabric or muslin cloth helps decrease swelling & inflammation.
  • Place on breast before/as soon created/discomfort emerges before feedings commences down regulating production signals so such symptoms don’t affect lactating process (6).
  • Alternatively, try cabbage leaves from fridge/freezer directly on boobs – this is surefire way of drawing laughs and can help with engorgement issues.

And speaking of being easy and breezy…

Hack 5: Stay Relaxed

Mama got a brand new bag . . . of relaxation techniques:

Reducing stress levels can have an impact on increasing prolactin – the hormone responsible for signaling lactation as mentioned earlier. So maybe this Mama ain’t got time for actual meditation but how about trying these instead?

That’s right! :

[a] Listen to soothing brainwave entrainment sounds/sounds of nature like gentle rain while drinking herbal tea along with deep breathing exercises.

[b] Have super calming vibes where-ever create relaxing atmosphere candles diffusing lavender essential oils anything showcasing sense serenity will work wonders over stimulated body/mind answering requests better producing outputs overall.(7)

Hack 6: Switch Breasts More Frequently At Night

Changing sides frequently is one greatest hacks offered allowing easier transitioning schedule instead worrying too heavily time used between switches bringing great benefits biological response by initiating mammary glands signal demand resulting increased milky production (8).

Final Thoughts – Say Cheese!

There are natural ways to increase your milk supply at night without using artificial means thereby endangering both mom’s/puppy well-being altogether said we hope tried above creative tricks enjoy creating task much easier delightful (9)!

With our top tips, you’ll be producing more milk than a lactating cow in no time. So go on – grab yourself some cookies and cream milkshake or better yet, skin-on-skin time with your little one to celebrate a job well done! Keep milking the night away!

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