How to increase your inr level?

Welcome dear reader, we are assuming that since you clicked on this article, you have some grave concerns regarding your INR levels hmmm? Well Look no further! We shall help you achieve your desired state of “just right” without breaking a sweat.

First things first, what is INR and why should I care?

You my dear friend need to brush up on human biology 101 ASAP! Jokes aside though, INR stands for International Normalized Ratio which measures the blood’s ability to clot. An increased level means that there is an insufficient amount of coagulation factors in the bloodstream causing one’s blood to be too thin – leading to uncontrolled bleeding whereas a reduced level indicates impaired liver function or vitamin K deficiency thus causing the blood flow characteristics resembling something stuck in rush hour traffic when it isn’t.

Are you already sinking with fear?

Well don’t worry Mister/Missus doom and gloom because thankfully battling low-INR wouldn’t require any fancy high-tech solution or earth-shattering discovery like self-flying-cars (although only our website would tell). You can begin by incorporating these simple tricks into your daily routine:

  1. Eat Vitamin K-RICH food
    If this works as well as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” then heck; not hold back on kale just yet. Eating foods rich in vitamin K2 like green leafy veggies such as spinach may increase normal platelet functioning thus improving core competency of homeostasis regulation.
Food Item Vitamin-K Content per 100g
Mangoes 13mcg
Broccoli 141 mcg
Kale 547 mcg

Can’t get enough greens ? Drink cold-pressed green juice smoothies or if you’re really adventurous then go snag some algae in the sea and chow it down.

  1. Avoid Blaming It All On Bleach
    Yup, that’s right – taking bleach in large doses (as much as I dread to think about this) can lead to decreased INR levels, but who does that!? huh? Cutting back on vitamin K antagonist-containing compounds like warfarin would be beneficial.

  2. The Power of Enzymes
    These little miracle substances may work by breaking down unwanted procoagulant fribin thus increasing intrinsic blood flow power although an excess is a no-no since it could lead towards thickened congestion like traffic blocked for hrs during continuous honking days:

Food Item Source
Papaya Papain
Pineapple Bromelain
  1. Catch Some Rays
    What more enjoyable way to catch those ever so coveted rays other than by soaking under the sun wink wink. In reality though sunlight provides plenty of Vitamin D which plays a vital role in decreasing inflammation throughout the body including improving coagulability!

Optimize Your Lifestyle

  1. Fitness A’s are mandatory: exercising regularly boosts endothelial function and raises platelet counts making your dream healthy circulation system closer than one with sleepy aspirations:

  2. Less Stress More Rest: The effect stress brings can have serious implications on INR levels!. Believe us when we say “sometimes people need imaginary vacations inside their heads” especially since “too much work and no play makes jack(ette) a dull boy(girl)” over-worked, overstressed undermines mental health quality which again triggers inflammation! Go ahead relax; trying engaging in meditation or yoga maybe even Tai-chi for all we know just don’t hurt yourself.

  3. Body Weight Matters: By maintaining a healthy weight within the BMI range, one can enhance intrinsic blood circulation proper mediating through an increased in innate antithrombotic levels (clot busting substances for layman’s terms) of adipose tissues.

The Bottom Line

There you have it hopeful readers! Elevating your INR levels may seem like a challenge but following these simple day-to-day measures would make it easier than sailing in calm waters — or if we are to go by existing memes, give its best shot at dumb-belling boat on the beach 😀 . Implement these habits into your daily life and impress everyone with “expert-level” knowledge about INR by answering any question thrown at you head-on.

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