How to increase vitamin b naturally?

Welcome, my fellow earthlings. If you’re here today, it’s probably because you want to refresh your vitamin B intake but have no idea where to begin. Don’t worry! I gotchu covered. After all, b-vitamins are the neglected uncles of vitamins – often forgotten about and overshadowed by other more glamorous nutrients such as vitamin C & D.

Vitamin B is a group of vitamins that contributes towards improving our energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism- what’s not to love? What if I told you there are ways we can naturally boost up our daily dose of this essential nutrient? Well then buckle up comrades; we’ve got work to do!

Meatless Mondays – No Problem

For vegans or vegetarians amongst us who often face difficulty in maintaining their recommended dosage because they don’t consume meat sources rich in vitamin Bs. Well listen carefully plant munchers: mushrooms are here for the rescue!

  • Portobello Mushrooms
  • White Button mushroom
  • Morel mushrooms

These fungi-rich appetizers belong to the mafia family known as ‘Mushroom’, equipped with thigh high fiber content keep those tummies full and satisfied. Additionally, mushrooms contain riboflavin (vitamin B2) which contributes towards healthier skin and vision.

Rollback Unhealthy Carb Consumption

If there’s one food item that shouts comfort from every corner while putting our health at-risk at the same time – it’s nothing other than good-old refined Carbs; white bread being served with greasy fast-food chains may help fill your stomach but Its nutritional value is little-to-none.

Not many people know this underrated fact however brown rice takes over white rice dramatically when considering its mineral expanse which includes higher amounts of manganese contributing towards muscle strength development whilst reducing inflammation altogether thus leading an ultimately healthy lifestyle.

Wellness enthusiasts, there’s more good news – lentils and chickpeas packed with high levels of vitamin B6 are perfect replacements for white carbs. Say adios to carb cravings whilst contributing towards a stronger immune system at the same time!

Your Green Fairy Godmother-Veggies

Greens have always been referenced as your ultimate source when it comes to any sort of nutrient search primarily Vitamin-C but surprisingly they offer an abundant amount of B vitamins.

  • Avocado
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Collard greens

Avocados, commonly fused within our diets in funky forms such as guacamole contain significant portions of niacin (vitamin-e) and riboflavin amongst other imperative essential vitamins while greens such as spinach contains higher proportions thiamine(vitamin-B1) considered responsible mostly for production energy naturally.

Plants FTW am I right?

Fruits Intense in The B Complex League

The top ten list concerning fruits that hold b-vitamins leashed:

Type Amount (mg/serving)
Banana .40 mcg/serving
Mangoes .20 mcg /serving
Papaya .03 mg/servings
Oranges .06mcg/ serving

It’s surprising how these appetizers growing on trees is usually associated with differentiating taste palettes or promoting weight loss; however their healthiness also doesn’t go unnoticed. Bananas comprise significant doses relating to pyridoxine whereas consuming oranges gives you that extra push required during those post-lunch soul break shortages.

How about preparing freshly squeezed juices comprising all those stated fruits above—healthy deliciousness – “its showtime”.

Bread & Cereal Interaction With This Benefactor Nutrient Group

Why settle for regular wheat products? replace your groceries with whole-grain alternatives instead containing much significantly higher contents relating towards antioxidants, fiber and of-course vitamin Bs.

  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice
  • Whole Grain Bread

Quinoa being a well-known protein serving substitute contains huge amounts linked to improving mood swings with high quantities of folate contained within –and by consuming whole-grain bread filled with micronutrients such as B3 & E can assist towards fatigued nervous system activity. Replacing brown rice from white increases the proportionate content relating towards minerals indispensably required in our routine lifestyles.

Fortified Breakfast Cereals Anyone?

Getting access to healthy breakfast cereals containing ingredients fortified upon themselves is fantastic when searching for a quick bite that’ll reside with you throughout your day. These cereals are regularly fortified encompassing various deficiencies which include A and D vitamins lacking in greater populations whilst still fulfilling ones dietary requirements amounting to Vitamin Bs alike:

Cereal Name Amount Serving Size
Raisin Bran .8 mg niacin / 1.5 mg vit-b6/ .4mg thamin /2mcg vit b12 31 gms
Muesli cereal .35 mcg/thiamine/.42/pyridoxine/.9 nitic acid-segment vitamins .75 cups

Remember how fortunate we are as humans to have discovered this category having access to positively charged options vital toward leading healthier lives altogether?!

Familiarity Brings Comfort: The B-ish Foods

The following won’t come off as being freshly new found however it’s never too late! —let’s take a trip down memory lane regarding commonly associated foods linked up strongly coinciding alongside other vitamins but just missed receiving shine onto themselves famously recognised for their superior healthiness ratios on a different set-up scale!

  • Brewers yeast – Known primarily due its significant quantity leaning heavily upon thiamine (B1) maintains energy levels whilst providing nutrients around nerve transmissions.

  • Liver type bites – As grim as it may sound, liver cooking goes back through history since the time where everyone hunted for their own food- with Vitamin B’s acting like superheroes strengthening red blood cells whilst supporting a well-balanced nervous system.

If you’re adventurous when It comes to supplements usage in routine, take note relating towards intake guidelines while contemplating consumption of global faves Spirulina fortifying manganese and thiamine progressively increasing mental clarity pertaining focusing on tasks efficiently."Get it girl!"

Final Thoughts Before You Go Become The Vitamin Champion

Well Done! By transforming common situations into opportunities contributing positively towards fulfilling B vitamins support requirements we crave under daily maximal comforts obtaining rejuvenated vitality elevating our lifestyle accurately. Consider making these health-promoting modifications a permanent replacement into your lives– so until next time fellow humans “Happy Hunting toward Natural Sources!”

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