How to increase breast size by pressing video?

Looking to increase your breast size without going under the knife or stuffing yourself with foreign objects? Then you’ve come to the right place! Say goodbye to padded bras and welcome natural, perky breasts with our easy-to-follow guide on how to increase your breast size through pressing. But before we get started, let’s answer some common questions about this technique.

What is Breast Pressing?

In simple terms, breast pressing refers to massaging or stimulating both of your breasts using specific techniques in order to enhance their shape and size.

Does it Really Work?

While there are no guarantees that this method will work for everyone (our biology doesn’t always adhere), many women claim they have seen an increase in their breast size after practicing these techniques consistently over time. The key is patience and consistency! It’s all a matter of figuring out which method works best for you – so keep trying until you find what truly gets those boobies popping!

Tips Before You Start

Before we dive into the different pressing methods available, here are some tips that will ensure effective results:

  • Use oil: Whether it’s coconut oil or any other essential oils like rosemary oil or flaxseed oil; applying oily moisturizers allows the skin around the breast area more flexibility for maximum enlargement.

  • No hurry: Don’t rush things!! Sitting down comfortably with pressure applied doesn’t necessarily mean quicker results; letting enough blood flow occur while slowing down on each step assures even shape distribution as well as improved blood circulation.

Now that you know what precautions should be taken before starting, let’s take a look at who can actually benefit from these remedies.

Who says only small-chested people looking for bigger wowzers can use these magical exercises? Everyone seeking enhanced appearance along with health benefits such as increased hormone production within mammary glands ultimately leading towards healthier babies or firmer breasts as well will benefit by doing it regularly!

Women in Post-Natal Phase

For new moms, manual breast pumps are not the only way to go when modest stimulation is what your boobs need. Regular application of these techniques offers improved milk production, which is vital for breastfeeding parents who want some major enhancement while also increasing fluid flow that helps control engorgement due to nursing.

Women Who’ve Undergone Breast Surgery

Women who have had breast surgery can sometimes experience pain and tightness after recovery period which leads to hard skin around the breast area known as fibrous tumours causing trauma over time but with proper care I.e pressing/ massaging you allow your body membranes regenerate natural elastin free from scar formation.

Now let’s get into some amazing techniques you can try in the comfort of your own home!

Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Movement Technique (The Basic)

This method involves using circular motions targeting each cup for a smooth even look – this technique considered quite simple & easy execution, so no worries about misinterpretation! The clockwise circle has been proven effective when going against gravitational force upon breasts likewise counterclockwise motion enforces downward pressure on them resulting in firmer sensations over top of enlargements, enhancing their overall shape subsequently making clothes fit better than ever before!!


  • Warm hands;
  • Place palms around nipple and apply gentle pressure;
  • While gently applying force rotate hand in one direction (clockwise);
    After several moments continue same movement cycles shifting now onto another; press firmly but don’t hurt yourself.

With anti-clockwise rotations being applied similarly following above steps timely intervals boost blood circulation throughout mammary regions thereby supple soft fleshes distributed evenly molding perfect curves!

Smoothing Massage Technique

A massage therapist once remarked how we should all be caressing our own breasts: “just touch them and cup them gently to make sure they feel comfortable in your hands.” He was right! In this technique, we are looking at a full sweep over each of our cups pushing back any pockets or lumps that may be around – all while bringing tissue tighter together for maximum growth


  • Place one hand behind the other, starting with lateral padding;
  • Move down towards nip giving pressure as per height adjustment required;
    Glide smoothly making circular figure eight movements from larger sizes up through smaller ones changing alternate directions

That’s it!, if you take care not to rush through the process will cut off most problems busty women facing every day. Hard skin tissues getting smoother under constant repetitive movement while also rendering firmness ensuring no sagging moments ever again!

Squeezing Technique

As its name suggests, this technique involves squeezing both boobs together using hands in a tight grip. This is more complex than previous techniques but works like magic!


  • Cup breasts inside palms placing even force upon both sides;
  • Push together gradually continuously increasing intensity till you reach comfortable point squeeze fully into one giant compression, fondling around areas between fingertips.

Regular practice of capricious squeezes causes rapid stimulation helping glands produce high levels hormones leading into markedly large repercussions yielding that voluptuous look so many woman desire!.

Opposites Attract (Counter Movement)

This method employs pulling motion which can help shape and tone chest muscles providing an instant boost of buoyancy within mammary cores naturally along.


-Firmly grasp opposite end; left breast with right arm similar grip on right breasts with left arm,
-Pull firmly apart slowly returning chosen points where either side overlap

Opposite attraction guarantees improved performance thanks extensive use muscles involved causing tightening effect by performing counter motions simultaneously.

Breast pressing may seem like just another fad trend after influencer endorsements flood social media, but literally choosing the correct remedy offering natural solutions often outweigh artificial methods! They’re easy to perform regularly with family members or friends assisting when needed so don’t be shy; implement them into your daily routine assiduously enough that it eventually becomes an essential component of morning/night ritual for better health and shape. Give yourself time, consistency is key keep striving till you unlock perfect natural look order depending on one’s inherent gene quality ultimately reflecting prime self-confidence most attractive sense within oneself!.