How to increase bite strength?

Are you tired of constantly struggling to bite into your food? Do your jaws ache after just a few bites? Have you been looking for ways to increase your chew power but don’t know where to start? Look no further, my friend! This guide will provide some tips and tricks on how to strengthen those chompers of yours.

First things first: What is bite strength?

Bite strength refers to the amount of force one can generate with their jaw muscles when biting down. It’s important because it allows us to break down our food into smaller pieces, making it easier for digestion. But did you know that humans aren’t actually the strongest biters in the animal kingdom? That title belongs to crocodiles who have a whopping bite force of up 3700 PSI! (pounds per square inch) Crazy right?!

Why do we need stronger bites?

Aside from being able to eat tough and chewy foods without struggle, having stronger bites can also improve overall dental health. When we use our teeth more efficiently, there is less wear and tear on them which means less cavities, chips, or fractures.

So how do we go about improving our chomping abilities?

Practice makes perfect!

Just like any other muscle group in our body, consistent training can lead to significant increases in strength over time. Here are some exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Chewing gum: Switch out chewing gum for a harder brand such as Exceed or IceBreakers Duo. Your jaw muscles will have an even better workout if you switch between sides every few minutes.
  • Apples and carrots: Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables forces your jaw muscles work harder than normal soft foods.
  • Bubblegum challenge: Challenge yourself or friends by blowing larger bubbles – this works different parts of the mouth!

Disclosure: Don’t bite off more than you yourself can chew, it might land up costing a tooth.

Strengthen Jaw Muscles

Stronger jaw muscles equals stronger bites! Here are some exercises that focus specifically on the jaw muscle groups:

  • Resistance exercise: These involve placing an object (such as a pencil) between your teeth and holding for several seconds.
  • Bite strengthening: Similar to resistance exercise, but instead of simply hold something in your mouth, you actually need to bite down hard and release at 3-second intervals.

Bite-strengthening equipment like the Kiefer Hardbite will really take biting training to the next level.

Disclaimer: As with any new or intensive workout regimen, check with medical professionals before starting.

Healthy diet correlates directly positively with bite strength

What we eat plays a significant role in our overall health – including our dental wellbeing. A diet rich in vitamins C & D is essential for building strong bones which lead to stronger teeth over time.. Keeping these things in mind here’s food recommendation;

Food Items Nutrients & Vitamins
Almonds Vitamin E
Carrots Vitamin A
Milk Calcium

Fun Fact: Squirrels have extremely powerful jaw muscles thanks primarily to their nut-heavy diets!

Take care of your Teeth!

Keeping good oral hygiene promotes better healing of gum tissues after continuous pressure applied while chewing. Better dental health means improved ability of clamping down on solid foods without requiring heavy force. In many instances people forfeit substantial pressure because they possess poor control over their musculature or untreated caries attacks weaken tooth structure(especially molars) leading us eventually into losing them.

So don’t neglect brushing twice daily along flossing once-a-day habits.They go long way promoting healthy gums which cushion underlying bony structures where most importantly roots anchor tightly enabling your dental crowns to withstand the heavy pressure of crunching foods.

Wrapping Up

By following these simple tips and exercises, you can gradually improve your bite strength over time. Remember that consistency is key! Continuing exercise regimen along with keeping healthy food intake in regular days will eventually amend stronger jaws into place making you proud owner of improved chew power – “Bite Strength”.

Don’t hesitate trying a variety of different resistance levels to find what’s best for YOU!!