How to improve cold hands?

Are you tired of having frozen fingers all the time? Do your hands turn into icicles as soon as the temperature drops? Fear not, my chilly friends! In this article, we will explore various ways to improve cold hands and keep them warm and cozy.

First Things First: Understand Why Your Hands Are Always Cold

Before we dive into solutions, it’s important to understand why you may be experiencing cold hands. Here are some common reasons:

  • Poor circulation: when blood flow is reduced in your extremities (such as your hands), they receive less warmth from your body.

  • Raynaud’s disease: a condition that causes small arteries in your fingers and toes to narrow, reducing blood flow and causing ice-cold fingertips.

  • Hypothyroidism: an underactive thyroid gland can slow down metabolism which can cause poor circulation leading to cold extremities.

Now that you know why you have cold hands let’s jump right into our remedies!

1. Keep Your Core Warm

Did you know that keeping yourself warm overall is key when trying to prevent freezing fingers? Yes! When the core gets colder, it diverts more heat away from other parts such as feet or arms just so it doesn’t lose heat altogether. To avoid this phenomenon try these tips:

  • Dress warmly with appropriate fabric such as wool or synthetic material.

  • Don’t underestimate layering – multiple thin layers trap air better than one thick garment

    Layer Material
    First Layer Moisture-wicking thermal top (no cotton)
    Second Layer Fleece jacket/woollen jumper
    Third Layer Down vest/parka/coat

Just be sure not add too many layers because if things start heating up inside those four walls then there go those comfortable gloves..

2. Move around

Sitting still for too long impairs blood circulation which can make fingers colder. Get up every once in a while, stretch and do some kangaroo hops just to get the blood flowing. Who doesn’t like dressing up like a kangaroo now and then?

3. Massage Your Hands

Yes, you read it right! Massages are not good only for relaxing your muscles but also for improving blood flow.

  • Start with warming your hands in warm water
  • Use an essential oil such as Lavender (good especially before bed time) massaged into the skin of your hands (or even diluted wintergreen)
  • Rub both palms together back and forth flexing fingers.

Ahh.. The relaxation that comes with it is almost therapeutic!

4. Invest In Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are great inventions but people tend to forget how useful they can be during chilly weather because let’s face it – THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE!

You can find them everywhere such as:

- Disposable handwarmers
- Electric hand warmer
- Reusable heating pad

These handy companions produce heat without much hassle plus they’re portable!

5. Enjoy Spicy Food!

Do I love hot spices? How ’bout adding some spice to life and cold extremities? Introducing spicy food aka chili peppers:

Capsaicin isn’t just fiery hot but acts on nerve endings by increasing blood flow all over the body making those fingertips more tingly than icy-cold! Here’s what you need to try out:

Name Scoville Rating
Jalapeno 2,500 -> higher
Habanero >100k
Mild red pepper flakes 30–50K

Admittedly be warned – eating spicy food might also cause you to overheat.. All the more reason for us to consume these hot spices.

6. Exercise Your Hands

Exercising your hands is beneficial when trying to get rid of cold hands. Try out these finger exercises:

1. Curl fingers into a fist making an “O”. After that, straighten them followed by pinching each fingertip with the opposite thumb and pointer.
2. Using resistance bands from your local sports store (you can find them in different colours representing strengths) looped around fingertips exercising both opening and closing of joints!

Oh look at that athlete in the house today!

7. Keep Your Desk Ergonomic

When was the last time you thought about ergonomics? Well if not now then never! To keep yourself healthy work environments must be optimised too.

  • Adjust height so forearms can rest evenly
  • Place keyboards correctly so wrists don’t bend uncomfortably

Proper positioning may help relieve pressure on tender tissues and lead to healthier circulation which means no numbness and fewer pinkies popsicles.


Remember why having cold fingers aren’t pleasant, but it’s also important to recognize there could be underlying health issues you need to consider addressing in addition to remedies such as simply keeping warm or adding some spice variety creatively designed throughout your day! Until next time folks, let’s continue living life embracing all of mother nature’s seasons – summer AND winter alike without worrying about frozen fingertips again!

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