How to improve child behaviour?

Parents of all ages know the frustration that comes with raising children. One day, they’re angels who can do no wrong; the next, they’ve transformed into mischievous little demons who love nothing more than breaking family heirlooms and terrorizing unsuspecting pets. Fortunately, there are practical steps you can take to improve your child’s behaviour without losing your mind in the process.

Get Physical

Kids today spend too much time staring at screens and not enough time running around outside like maniacs. It’s no wonder their energy levels are through the roof when it’s bedtime! Here are some ways you can combat this issue:

  • Enroll them in sports (even if they suck)
  • Encourage outdoor playtime
  • Limit screen time (unless you need a break, then park them in front of YouTube for a few hours)

Become Their Enemy

As parents, sometimes being loved isn’t as effective as being feared. After all, kids seem to understand consequences better when they realize there might be actual repercussions involved (#who knew). Here’s how you can make that happen:

  • Set clear boundaries and stick to them (don’t wimp out just because Suzy gives those sweet puppy eyes)
  • Establish punishments beforehand so everyone knows what will happen if certain lines get crossed (Hint: Give yourself options instead of threats such as “I’m going burn down Lego house,” Keep it legal..ish)
  • Be mad but don’t hold grudges (till bedtime/eating/screaming or whatever phase is current favorite ,then let go aka “pester power”)

Embrace Creativity

No two kids are alike – which means one-size-fits-all parenting rules don’t always work out very well (shocking). Try mixing things up with these creative approaches instead:

Art Therapy

Kids need a lot of love and attention, but so do you. Have a painting or coloring session with them (this is not the time to argue). Take some notes from colour therapy – Choose grounding tones such as blues, greens and earthy tones, rather than high energisers yellow and reds which makes environment more hyper.

Make it fun

Kids are people too; they deserve things that bring joy as well. Try making mundane tasks into interactive games(even if embarrassing) like “shooing away unwanted invisible germs whilst cleaning your room” or taking turns naming smelly household chores in silly accents

Find Help/Work Together

Punishing kids might sound satisfying (alternatively just rubbing tequila on gums sounds like good idea!) but it isn’t always the answer so don’t hesitate to find extra help when needed:

  • Enlist family members for discipline (family overdiscipline needed)
  • Reward good behaviour regularly(Invest in stickers , ice cream sandwiches etc.)
  • Plan scheduled alone-time with children (It’s okay to sneak off for coffee breaks)

Don’t Get Freaked Out

Parental anxiety around children’s behaviors can be overwhelming; often leading parents down rabbit holes of irrational thinking (I’m not crazy, I promise). If this rings true for you then there are few things You could try:

  • Speak up:Talk about it! This helps in getting an outsider’s perspective without being judged harshly because again #humanshape judgement scale has been skewed by their own creatures
  • Listen carefully: When siblings bicker like Bobby Fischer VS Anatoly Karpov remember everyone needs chance to present their story; offer opportunity if child A slaps child B neccassarily


Raising children is tough no matter what anyone says. But implementing these strategies will make parenting less of a chore while simultaneously improving your child’s behaviour. With a little creativity and patience, you’ll have your kids behaving like perfect angels in no time (or at least less negative reviews)!