How to identify baby gender from scan report in india?

Are you tired of playing the guessing game with your friends and family over the gender of your baby? Do you want to know if it’s a boy or girl, but can’t wait for the big reveal at birth? Well, look no further! This guide will provide some laughs and tips on how to identify baby gender from scan report in India.

Understanding fetal anatomy

Before we dive into specific methods for identifying baby gender, let’s first understand some basic fetal anatomy. The fetus has external genitalia that develop during early gestation. These external structures are called the genital tubercle and can be used to determine sex as early as 12 weeks gestation.

However, sometimes even skilled sonographers can have trouble making this determination due to various factors such as fetal position, maternal obesity or increased amniotic fluid levels among others!

The Testes Method

This method is based on examining the testes present in male foetuses by traces of a pair of small white lumps which depict themselves around 20-30 weeks’ period.Their occurrence helps find out about their existence saying whether it is a boy.

Pros Cons
Early identification possible Requires visualizing scrotum
Accurate when done right Can be difficult depending on positioning

Note: Not recommended for anyone who had failed biology class 😉

The Three Lines Theory

Another way one could easily identify whether its male or female is through inspection of Sagittal section using Ultrasonography.There’s One horizontal line (the solace),which appears jagged like placing an upper case W followed by two vertical lines along both sides.This creates three distinct parallel lines that prove conclusively hinting towards the presence of female genitalia since there isn’t any masculine aspect found.Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Pros Cons
High accuracy rate Required to have a clear view of the Sagittal section
Easily detectable from 18 weeks onwards Cools down the excitement of a surprise reveal if that’s your thing

The Skull Theory

This method is one of the most popular theories related to foetal gender prediction because well… who doesn’t like a good mystery? This approach suggests observing fetal skulls since male and female embryo tend to differ in shape.

According to this theory , If you’re carrying low, it’s going to be boy or simply put bluntly Phallic skull Conversely You can expect a baby girl if you are carrying high due baby girl having wider skull.

Interesting right? But hey we wouldn’t recommend checking out your partners skull would we ?

Pros Cons
Non-invasive Not considered reliable enough as probability remains around 50% when used alone
Considered fun by most people


Now that you know all about identifying baby gender through scan report in India, go ahead and try out some methods! Whether it’s using the Three Lines Theory or examining testes via ultrasonography or even scoping out your partner’s skull – there are many ways to determine whether you’ll have a little boy or girl on your hands. Just remember that sometimes these methods may not be accurate so maybe hold off on buying any pink/blue clothing just yet.

So don’t Worry ma’am with Laughter guaranteed (and maybe tears?) coming free anyways- let us give you permission now —that fantasying over something that seems almost impossible given today’s unpredictable conditions won’t do.You might just want listen carefully & relax more often .Either way Congratulations on your pregnancy it’s a huge next stepping stone for your family.

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