How to hide freckles with makeup?

Are you tired of your cute little freckles that everyone just can’t help but point out all the time? Let’s face it; sometimes, you just want to cover them up! Whether for a special occasion or a date night, there are ways to hide those pesky dots and look flawless without too much effort. Here is how!

First Steps: Prepping Your Skin

Before we dive into makeup techniques, let’s review some basics about taking care of your skin.


Exfoliating your skin at least twice a week can help remove dead cells from the surface layer and make it easier for foundation or concealer to stick on. Remember not to overdo this step or use overly abrasive scrubs as they may irritate, damage or dry out your skin.


Keeping your face hydrated is crucial when applying any type of cosmetic product. Look for moisturizers that have Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, glycerin or essential oils as they’ll trap water molecules inside cells helping them retain moisture throughout the day.


Sun exposure intensifies melanin activity which causes pigmentation spots (including freckles) So protect yourself with sunscreen every day!

Covering Up Those Dots – Products To Use:

Now that we’ve covered prepping our canvas-let me introduce you’re painting tools!.


Primer acts like an adhesive by filling in wrinkles lines and crevices resulting from large pores so keep ‘em locked down before working magic on top with foundation/concealer.

Foundation/ BB & CC Creams

Foundation is usually thicker than other creams creating more coverage. Blitz blemishes away by selecting one according to its shade matching feature.
BB & CC creams provide less coverage due while their larger contains hydrating ingredients perfect for freckles.


Highly pigmented concealer can cover up all evidence of misbehaving dots. Choose a creamy texture that will melt into your skin with ease and is one or two shades lighter than your foundation, under eyes etc. Use a dotting method to layer over those spy spots creating the flawless look you deserve.

Hiding Freckles-Techniques:

Different techniques are available depending on how severe/noticeable Your freckles are.

Natural- Coverage Look

This method eliminates most but not all freckle visibility allowing concealment while keeping a natural coverage leaving unwanted attention behind

1) Apply Primer
2) BB / CC cream/foundation applied gently with fingertips covering evenly.
3) Lightly touch/fill problematic areas with concealer using speckled spotting technique,
4) Blend everything together completelty.
5) Set Spray[optional].

Medium Coverage

If you want moderate coverage, then here’s how step-by-step!:

1) Use of primer recommended
2) Mix bb/cc cream and foundation for better color match which should be same asor slightly darker than skin.
3.If required create maximum coverage by Bringing highlights (opposite side of shade matcher i.e.-lighter color), this creates an illusion hiding/disguising unsightly specks around the nose area. Using Flash photography optimizes this.

4).Squirt a pea sized amount/concealer into dark circles surrounding any affected areas after blending in well wait five minutes before adding more as necessary
5).Spritz Setting spray [Optional]

Full On Glamour -Pan Cake faceper

Want to say “goodbye” foreskin altogether? Well here’s what ya need!

1).Excellent quality full-coverage Liquid Foundation containing high-pigmentation should Do The Trick Spot-Lightening There are many, search for one that suits your skin.
2) Primer recommended in this case
3).Concealer: A Great weapon of choice! Though less expensive brands may be tempting- It’s better to swatch test before buying a higher grade product. Ensure there are assorted colors available according to the degree of dot misbehavior involved
4).Apply with fingers or brush after foundation dries if necessary concealer should go on top ensure it matches foundation color between blending.
5).Set everything using Setting Powder for matte finish – focused use over areas containing freckles/color irregularities.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

Here are some bonus tips & tricks you can try when considering applying make-up techniques:

Get creative with hair designs

Whether it’s layering long bangs, covering forehead wrinkles or framing your face with loose curls; having a new hairstyle could add extra comfort levels knowing has got ya covered!

Accessory Accessories!

Adding earrings!, necklaces!, scarfs!, hats! can instantly attract attention towards positive facial features giving an extra boost of confidence where needed!

Dietary changes

You might not have been expecting dietary guidance makeup!! However they say you are what eat, so ensure balance Consider fermented foods including sauerkraut kimchi etc. Eating dark leafy greens like Kale is also beneficial due to vitamin K content which assists blood clotting under the skin thus supporting wound healing.

Hiding freckles is easy-breezy now You’ve read all how-to-do hacks you’re ready show off plain (or busy) style according to mood/lifestyle demands though utilization high-quality cosmetics will increase longevity flawless boasts throughout entire usage period.

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