How to hide a cartilage piercing from parents?

Ah, the struggle of wanting your cartilage pierced but not wanting to deal with the wrath of your parentals. Luckily, I am here to offer some tips and tricks on how to hide your piercing like a pro. Let’s get started!

The Motivation

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let me just say that hiding a cartilage piercing is no easy feat. You have to be committed to this endeavor because it will require some patience, stealthiness, and creativity – plus you don’t want any mishaps along the way.

But hey, if you’re willing to endure all that for fashion or rebellion (or both), then read on my friend.

The Basics

1. Choose Your Weapon

The first step when deciding on hiding a cartilage piercing is choose what jewelry you opt-in for.
You ‘d better stick with small studs rather than larger hoops as they draw attention easily.

2.The Location

Next up, take note where are you accommodating yourself afterwards; whether in College Hostel/Home Stay/Your house visiting parents.
Try scouting out suitable clothes whose collar wouldn’t reveal your shiny addition


Lastly It usually takes around three months till cartilages heal completely , Make sure do remember during those times whenever meeting them..never touch it itch if required diverting their focus there will always work! Bring over open necks , short haircuts et cetera go by trial and error find what suits best

Well done! Now that we’ve got the basics taken care of let’s move onto some more advanced tactics.

Advanced Tactics

4.Strategic Hair Styles

Strewing something behind one ear/draping over or simply playing with bangs might result in concealing earring smartly.Whether fringes or asymmetrical cuts discovered last week, take action, then!

5. Make Up Wizardry

Nowadays contouring for nose/chin/jawline is used widely ,it can be applied on ears too and a camouflage works better than expected my dear friend.

6.Unexpected jewellery

A classic example of thinking-outside-the-box: fake ear cuffs will act as goof remedy rather blending deep .Diamond studs tuck under far cuff area acts just like concealers

7.Collars Covers All

Say you’re outta ideas! Here’s where no #ootd in hand won’t save your day.Loose collar shirts became our best friends when it comes to hiding those precious ear parts.Who doesn’t love Rihanna’s oversized shirt collection?

Fantastic work so far! But now we’re going to kick things up a notch with these expert tips.

Expert Tips

If you still aren’t convinced that hiding a cartilage piercing from parents takes some real skill, then let me give you some expert-level advice:

8.Outer Ear Wrap Technique

This method is only pro trick involving the use of gauze/surgical tape/little plaster/elastic bandage wrap around sliced part over stud; ensures overhead perfection!

9.Buffer Zone Bigger Than Usual

Make the buffer zone bigger than usual by adding extra length/threaded hook ensuring double coverage reducing teeny-tiny sparkie visibility.

Feeling like superhuman yet? Let’s keep going!

Special Tactics

The following tactics require next-level skills and finesse, but they are worth trying especially if conventional approaches don’t seem promising at all:

10.Multi-Layer Earring Backs (M LEB)

I’m sure every fashion junkies reading this know what M earring backs looks like- basically one earring back turn into three/four using different layers – an wonderous invention  right? Here comes the trick…
strapping a few M LEBS on will ensure enough space between ears and hair that reduces earring visibility

11.Love Bit(e)

Implement your tiger/hickey into worthy cause: Giving parents bite marks, then have them hidden in plain sight! This can be perfect timing to reminisce over your teenage years with hilarious flashbacks hiding mischieveous acts

When All Else Fails

Sometimes all our efforts go in vain;when everything else fails we move on ways to become Peter Parker( Spider man)
For starters-use band-aids/offensive masking tape/multi colored Duct-tape/bandages not realizing its hidden meaning Secondly divert their attention by pushing forth some academic goals/projects.

Looks like you’ve made it through this fun guide! Congrats- You’re one step closer toward keeping the peace at home while still indulging in fashion.
Good luck and happy hiding!

Remember – Hiding cartilage piercings is an art form. The key is to stay stealthy, creative & never surrender!

Small price for fashion – We all dream of being rebels somehow

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