How to help leg cramps?

They are the bane of every athlete’s existence. The cramping, the pain, and worst of all, the unsightly dork walk that ensues when you’re trying ever so slowly to make it back to the car. But fear not my fellow cramp sufferers! I’m no doctor but who needs a medical degree anyway when you have Google at your fingertips? So here we go, people: let’s talk about how to help leg cramps in a way that is actually somewhat tolerable.

What Causes These Devilish Leg Cramps Anyway?

First up on our agenda is figuring out what causes these things in the first place. Aren’t they just a little miraculous? It seems like they always take us by surprise – like catching an unexpected punch from someone you thought was your friend – except with less bruising and more…dancing around awkwardly while clutching whichever appendage has been affected.

There are quite literally dozens upon dozens of factors that could contribute to muscle cramping but some reasons may include:

  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalance (that word itself sounds dangerous)
  • Overuse or overexertion during exercise (or any type of physical activity for that matter).
  • Insufficient stretching before doing anything involving movement.
  • Being pregnant (which frankly makes me amazed anyone chooses willingly cause really people?! throwing up for nine months straight?!).

But don’t worry folks; we’ll touch base on each one soon enough!

Let’s Get Physical

One common reason why people get leg cramps is due to lack of running style form cue sad music. If your feet roll inward too much as you run also known as pronation or outward also known as supination this puts undue stress on certain muscles making them cranky bastards leading eventually into severe spasms ughhhh.

In some cases, having the proper foot gear can fix this problem by avoiding overpronation or supination. But for those of us who’d prefer to run with not-quite-as-much form, orthotics (inserts that fit in your sneakers) might be necessary ugh another expense.

Hydration Nation

To avoid cramps caused by dehydration make sure you’re staying hydrated during exercise and throughout the day. Drink plenty of fluids – no I’m sorry beer doesn’t count 😉 – stick mostly to water which is always a good rule anyway.

Another bodily fluid worthy creature we have at our fingertips are electrolytes; these too play an important role in muscle function regulation. They include vital minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium…just beware these contenders only have value if consumed though natural sources including fruits , vegetables, and dairy.

Chuckles how electrifying! Always maintain healthy balance of hydration along with inclusion into regular diet forms of eletrolyte dense foods & drinks making sure to pay attention to exhale/sweat during intense physical activity periods.

Hello Stretching My Old Friend

The importance stretching takes on more & more daily given somewhat..ahem..age everytime attempted physically active functions . Therefore stretching before any type of movement is essential standing alone without much explanation here however reach out for questions!

Remember each intended workout will involve different emphasis placed on specific muscles requiring corresponding warm up exercises so try simply beginning your routine with jogging in place moving from one leg towards other complete it three times prior running concerns or traversing through any less aggressive form physical activity.

Gentle process spreads control signals down neural pathways via brain nerve endings activating desired muscular groups resulting completion set movements properly protecting against injury potential while engaging full body actually beneficial overall providing greater flexibility level limberness crucial maintaining keeping away leg cramping .

If all else fails my friends trust coconut oil seems the cure-all. Use as much or little applied to affected legs before restorative stretching for cramp prevention during consistent practice, may do wonders.

Tackle Tightness

Now you’re probably wondering if your daily bucket of fried chicken belongs on a list like this. It doesn’t but it’s delicious regardless and I’m not here to judge just advise 😉

Tight muscles are often a culprit of leg cramps so listen up: DO NOT skip out on scheduled massages as they help alleviate knots hidden inside muscle layers (not in my budget though)!

Although massage isn’t always accessible particularly right now consider possible benefits foam rolling especially targeting specific targeted areas needing loosening attentions switching over pressure management satisfying the intended degree towards alleviation overall varicose vein buildup detrimental resulting unrepairable culprits typically .

Alternatives include YOGA wow who would’ve guessed! Incorporating this low impact exercise into active lifestyle will greatly reduce cramped-related issues helping progress downward facing dog into scorpion pose & advanced moves versus previous rigid locked feeling experienced last time attempted..bless yoga’s humility..

When Your Running Shoes Prove Offensive

Found what had seemed our footing has led us indefinitely down fallen path by ignoring warning signals sending direct messages that we can no longer flout quite possibly surprising could be with…our footwear choices!

Correct shoe choice intends aligning foot arch ankle prompting confidence stemming from proper lower body biomechanics facilitating injury-free workouts usually means seek both professional trained experts overlooking factors including injuries past present toe striking heel/half foot inflexibilities pronation natural form adding designed implementation anything extra needed baring function type plus personal preference balanced correctly ultimately pays dividends keeping feet healthy eliminating chance further damage/unwanted side effects which run rampant within shoe-uneducated experiences hindering potential lowering thresholds needed accomplish goals whether being new/longtime seasoned athletics performer.

Feet other crucial joint tissues extremely susceptible strains caused excess force technically labeled overload stress varying depending on type activity undertaken individuals health status fitness level between attempting high-impact no impact exercises.

Prevention Possibilities

You’ve clicked on this article for one reason and that is knowing how to prevent leg cramping pain from ever rearing its ugly chuckles head again. Here’s a list of things you can do at home:

Have an adequate amount of Magnesium in your body

Those people who indulge in consuming supplements daily, the government generally advises taking 300 mg every day.

Enjoy natural sources of Magnesium? Adding items such as beans, peanut butter or salmon could provide relief quick within necessary range reductions instances .

Stretch More Daquiri (Yes You Read That Right)

Taking notice just popping Advil won’t make it feel better long term now close eyes while imbibing drink option realistically counts most effective prevention remedies due pick combination including banana syrup , fresh lime juice magnesium salt normal simple syrup; stretch beforehand consume during endurance events enhanced power potential beings often forgotten overlooked answer reduction occurrences!!

Whew! Are you guys still with me? As much as I’d love to continue rambling on about everything else under the sun let’s wrap things up with a recap shall we?


In summary:

  • Be mindful of hydration
  • Implement stretching/gliding exercises prior activating increased harsh workouts/athletic activities ensuring maximum joint flexibility/muscular balance.
    -Allow time consistently keeping feet free ANY excess stressors employed use best possible shoes keep well maintained nightly post-wear care preceeds next athletic stage engagement/etc..
    -Maintain heedful attention standing any specific discomfort come away protected against having long term irreplaceable outcomes – protect body from overexertion by actively participating regularly enhancing overall quality mindfulness approaching consistent physical regimented efforts likely leaving happy healthy life ahead!

Now go out there my friends, embrace these tips and always remember – if all else fails just blame genetics 😉 !

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