How to heal wax burns?

Waxing may be a popular method of hair removal, but it comes with the risk of burns. Whether you’re an at-home waxing enthusiast or a professional esthetician, accidents can happen. Not to worry though, because in this article we’ll provide some tips and tricks on how to heal wax burns and get back to smooth skin in no time!

Understanding Wax Burns

Before diving into treatment options, let’s first understand what exactly happens when you get a wax burn. Essentially, the hot wax is applied onto the skin where it sits for several seconds before being ripped off along with the hair follicle (ouch).

When the temperature of the hot wax exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit (way hotter than your morning coffee) it can cause damage to the upper layer of your skin resulting in painful redness.

Symptoms of Wax Burns

Not sure if that red spot on your leg is just irritation from shaving or if it’s actually a burn? Here are some signs and symptoms:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Peeling
  • Painful sensation

If you notice any combination of these symptoms after getting a wax (or doing one yourself) , there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a burn.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Although self-diagnosing whether your red spot is due to razors bumps or majorly heated up was isn’t rocket science; however trying DIY measures without appropriate knowledge might worsen things much more! Avoid such common mistakes below:

Scratching Itching Areas

As humans whenever we feel irritated/itchy spots on our skins our natural instinct drives us crazy – scratching them asap – Do not do this! With regard to areas affected by Burnt region/wax be very careful about scratching & itching those areas because that will lead black scarring to your skin area, get this – the marks could stay temporarily or permanently.

Applying Ice Directly

While you need an ice pack that’s necessary for slowing down inflammatory reactions, avoid applying it direcly on wax burns’ sensitive spots because again; hypersensitivity may result which isn’t exactly a desired outcome. Ensure wrapping the ice in towels or other cloth.

Effective Treatment Options For Wax Burns

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is truly a miracle plant when it comes to healing wounds and burns .Cutting mid-tube of fresh aleo-vera can give enough jelly-like balm which after being applied gently onto patients rubbed areas will provide soothing sensation as well as reduce inflammation by acting as natural antiseptic agents from micro organisms thus giving less chance of further abrasion/ damage. Continous application twice/thrice a day has been observed to rejuvinate burnt surfaces at much better pace than most medicated options out there.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Another helpful essential oil comes in form of beige colored special oil called tea tree oil which have been commonly recommended by Australian medicinal practices since legendary health pioneers like Captain James Cook’s exploration days! It has acidic properties enabling faster breaking down process top layer dead cells whilst promoting new cell creation & fasten skin repair overall.

As with any natural remedy, exercise caution if you plan to use tea tree oil undiluted – given its strength one needs1 first mix three drops with neutral carrier oils such jojoba/almond depending upon what suits their skin best aiding quick healing.

Consider Raw Honey

Raw honey possesses amazing medicinal value because besides antibacterial agencies (main highlight) it also contains enzymes and antioxidants that treat damaged cells accelerating growth factor resulting in rapid wound/burns recovery plus its viscidity reduces fluid draining hence avoids patchiness over burn area overall.

All that patient requires doing basically is thorough washing before deciding a gentle dab of natural honey (a tablespoonful) onto affected areas. At this point, one can either allow it to air dry or carefully using sterile cotton pads for wiping off surplus amount from skin.

Apply Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil has been around in medicinal circles throughout ancient periods thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory features which as per extensive healing reports calms sensations & prevents crack strains developing along scars.

In order to incorporate lavender oil effectively into your wax burn treatment lineup have patient apply few drops over the burns area with clean fingers following some dilution action by mixing them with an unscented carrier like coconut/almond/margarine before smooth application.

Healing Burns Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

While we’ve provided you with several effective treatments that will ease pain and heal wax burns quickly, remember that the process takes time. Follow our recommended remedies daily and pat yourself on the back – because you’re on your way towards smoother skin!