How to heal stomach lining?

If you’re here reading this, chances are you’re experiencing some tummy troubles. Maybe you’ve been eating too much spicy food, downing one too many cups of coffee in the morning, or just generally not treating your stomach with the respect it deserves. Whatever the cause of your discomfort may be, fear not! This article is here to help heal that damaged stomach lining and get you feeling like yourself again.

What Causes Damage to Your Stomach Lining?

Before we dive into how to actually heal your stomach lining, let’s take a moment to understand what might have caused it in the first place. Common causes include:

  • Overconsumption of alcohol
  • Stress
  • Ingesting irritants such as caffeine or spicy foods
  • Chronic use of painkillers

Symptoms Of a Damaged Stomach Lining

So how do you know if your stomach lining is upset? Here are some telltale symptoms:

  1. Nausea and vomiting
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Bloating and abdominal pain
  4. Heartburn
  5. Belching

If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to start gently healing that poor ol’ tummy.

Foods That Can Help Heal The Stomach Lining

When considering foods that can promote healing for our gut health we want those which will decrease inflammation whilst simultaneously combatting bacterial infections.
Here are a few suggestions:

### Ginger

Ginger is well known as an effective natural anti-inflammatory agent Gingers antioxidants help fight inflammation and oxidative stress throughout our body thus reducing inflammation on gastric mucosal linings… WOWZA!

Ginger also has antimicrobial capabilities so its going around kicking anything unwanted bacteria out da club!

Oh ya baby!


Blueberries (raw) contain polyphenols which promote gut healing by neutralizing free radicals and reducing lipid peroxidation- Fancy words to say that blueberries will knock out any bad homies in your stomach.


According to the Stanford digestive health center, oats provide dietary fiber which can feed the good bacteria within our guts. Feed those little heroes!

People like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk are known for investing money into sci-fi technology. Essentially thats what we have here; Combatting inflammation is no difficult mission when you’ve got all these foodie superheroes working together.

Foods That Can Give Your Stomach Lining A Hard Time

Okay, so now you know what foods can help heal your stomach lining… but what about ones that should be avoided? Here are some common culprits:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods (such as hot sauce)
    For example, try a more mild sauce such as BBQ instead.’It may not set your mouth on fire with flavour but it’s less likely to flame up inside too!

These irritants promote acid production in the body and increase chances of discomfort where having fun becomes impossible!

Consider Metamucil Fiber Supplement

Metamucil is water soluble fiber supplement aiding gastrointestinal health by absorbing any excess moisture from stools allowing easier movement through the bowels.
I mean who likes spending countless hours cramped up on their toilet just doing nothing…. Yuk!
This one simple dietary swap can make a huge impact.

Probiotics Are A Friend Indeed

Probiotic supplements allows us to increase healthy strains of microbes found naturally occurring in our intestines yet declining over time.

When purchasing probiotics they often come labeled with strange tongue-twisting names such as ‘Bifidobacterium lactis’ however do not fear, It sounds intimidating compared to Dave at work whose only interest is his fantasy football team.. Trust me its super simple.$

Just take some probiotic supplements and let those microbes work their magic!
They’re like healthy backup singers for your gut! So lend them a helping hand (…literally) by incorporating certain types of food within our diet to keep the good bacteria feasting!.

It’s Time To Relax

We all live busy lives with ‘To-Do’ Lists longer than krakens tentacles. However, it’s important that we set aside time each day for relaxation as stress can cause inflammation throughout the entire body, including gastrointestinal tracts!

Here are some effective ways to destress:

  1. Meditate
  2. Yoga class
  3. Spending time in nature
  4. Laughing with friends or loved ones.


At the end of day, there’s no golden ticket and healing takes patience rather quickly however by implementing slight cautious adjustments into our lifestyles such as integrating ginger/or carrots on top of leafy greens(Look at us being oh so fancy!) hopefully this can reduce any irritation occurring.

Remember: Your stomach is precious and should be treated kindly! Give it love, care & respect happy inside makes one happy out too 🙂