How to heal over a breakup?

So, you’ve just gone through a breakup. Whether you were dumped or did the dumping yourself – it hurts! No matter how tough and resilient we are as individuals, breakups can take their toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.

But fear not my heartbroken friend because in this article we’ll be discussing exactly HOW to heal over a breakup. The tips and tricks shared will not only help you recover but also get back up on your feet before long.

Breakups leave us feeling powerless, overwhelmed and downright exhausted. Emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt may feel like they’re about to swallow you whole but guess what? That’s OKAY!

In fact, crying is an essential part of the healing process. Letting go of emotions accumulated during the relationship enables fresh feelings to flow within while freeing space for joyous experiences ahead.

So give yourself permission to cry whether that’s in private or with family/friends around as holding out tears only delays symptoms while prolonging recovery time – trust me; it doesn’t do any good for anyone involved.

Feeling appreciated and loved by those who genuinely care makes even the toughest situations in life worthwhile – including breakups 🙂

Schedule movie dates with friends & quality time hiking/camping trips away from home-only activities which bring excitement into lives without costing $$$. Also consider joining support groups (online/offline) typically comprising people going through similar circumstances tailored towards boosting confidence/self-esteem following loss.

Surrounding yourself with positivity works wonders when bouncing back from emotional turmoil:

  • Uplifts mood
  • Enables forging new connections
  • Fosters sense experience belonging/social relevance

Whichever path chosen towards wholeness after heartbreak remember: You don’t have to face challenges alone!

Now, more than ever it’s a great time to try things that have always intrigued you (i.e. going skydiving or joining an art class) By placing yourself in positive experiences which require new/different skills one is forced onto paths possible having avoided due ex-partner sensibility within the relationship.

By immersing ourselves in different activities we allow for growth opportunities whilst simultaneously numbing feelings pain which naturally follow breakups – especially during quiet times/moments when mind wanders towards negative/self-destructive thoughts/habits.

Breakups often invite self-doubt and loss of identity as they’re emblematic of transitions synonymous change. Facing life without other major emotionally maintaining figure can seem daunting at first but remember: This is an opportunity!

Throw yourself into rebranding EXACTLY what you want your life to look like moving forward-one piecemeal step/day time-make list priorities complete order importance starting from smallest tasks begin regaining sense accomplishment/achievement propel momentum overall trajectory shortly thereafter.

Setting personal goals not only provides direction structure while increasing confidence/self-esteem recovery period but also increasing likelihood post-breakup success (Think: bigger better things aligned towards future prosperity)!

Finally, know that true love will find its way back selves once again following breakup (wink with anything right?)

Keep healthy approach staying single making peace/focusing on thriving solo-isn’t wrong/reflection failure relationships past simply part natural progression through life’s journey.

And lastly considering trying professional counseling/therapy doesn’t necessarily indicate weakness poorly insulated psyche/broken emotional state – rather manifestation self-compassion empathy allowing processing grief/significant transition smoothest manner possible leading healing phase quickly/efficiently = about continued growth/future happiness/closure overall:)

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