How to heal a fractured wrist?

Ouch! You slipped on a banana peel and fell down the stairs, or maybe you were trying your hand at extreme rollerblading. Whatever caused it, you now have a fractured wrist. Don’t worry; this is not the end of the world. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be back to typing up jokes about falling down stairs in no time.


First things first: You need to diagnose whether you have really broken your wrist or just sprained it. A fracture occurs when there’s breakage of one or more bones in your wrist (probably from that failed skating attempt). A sprain occurs when there’s damage to ligaments connecting bones in your wrist.

Listen for Sounds: If you hear any crackling or popping sounds after taking that massive dive,you probably broke something, friend.

Check Swelling: Is there noticeable swelling? This may indicate a fracture since breaks will bleed internally under the skin, causing inflammation beyond what would result from an innocuous fall.

Visually Inspect: Take sight of where exactly it hurts and if bulges appear anywhere around The area which revealed painful symptoms consistent with significant trauma (aka It was worse than stubbing your toe)

Once you’ve diagnosed that it’s probably something worse than a boo-boo, let’s move onto treatment.

Apply Ice Pack

Your initial reaction should be grabbing an ice pack(if available) before getting into further measures OF crazy internet remedies.(I hope google images didn’t scare startle ya too much!) Wrap some frozen peas(If “regular” peas are too “mainstream”for ya)in thin cloth as expectant ICE PACKS SCREAM MOOTENS HIPSTER VIBES(I know,I know…You can thank me later)

Applying cold helps reduce pain and inflammation immediately after the trauma, so put this on your to-do list.

Get a Splint or Cast

Getting a splint or cast for extra prevention might be necessary especially as directed by doctor’s personnel that have assessed you Post fall.From an airboot type of walkable supportwear to casts specifically shaped for Fractured Radius bones(like those that form the forearm),splints and casts aid stability in keeping underlying bone structures immobile post diagnosis.

A wrist fracture requires you to immobilize your hand and arm flexible enough not hinder swells which can cause internal weakening altogether.

Pain Management

Pain management is crucial while recovering from any kind of injury. The following over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen (you may want to let someone else do the driving) can help relieve pain: Naproxen, aspirin just under minute quantities per physician’s instructions,Diclofenac Sodium also reduce inflammation alongside ginger tea (yeap! really…Ginger has been known quite some time now,to protect against bacterial infection whilst it works antifungal miracles). But please make sure with correct dosage instructions provided by certified health care professionals when buying from drug stores.

Yes,I know you’ve also considered CBD oil use,but wait friend!You don’t wanna be caught walking around smelling “backyard illegal”😜

Also, popular trendings including hypnosis should take 3 steps back cos patience isn’t one of my strong suits ;hopefully yours too?

Now that we’re halfway through, let’s talk about recovery!


Patience remains key: check what posture appears most comfortable WITH SUPPORTING CAST.Against soft pillows is probably cushy than hard copies though avoid aggressive massage therapy till wound properly healed up.remain indefinitely relaxed it helps increase blood flow.You need all sufficient resources humanly possible at this point Please stick with regime advised by medical practicioners.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are wizards! They help you regain your strength and function gradually at your pace.Manual physical therapy involves massages, exercises and stretches pressure areas which they maneuver using hands while supervised amounts of stretching helps resolve Edema where fluids builds up in the affected area following injury, within a short period & there’s no go-to “one size fits all” hence it’s always better to stick with relevant,customized therapeutic plan from physicians.

Examples include :

  • Flexibility exercise:like rolls,wrist raises

  • Strengthening Exercise :building resistance training muscles around the wrists,Dumbbell curls/reverse wrist curl.

Eating Right

Since bone remodeling is taking place,diet should be adjusted too.Adopting healthy feeds accelerates healing so ensure decent intake of Proteins for tissues repair.Iron-rich food amongst other vegetables like Spinach,broccoli,can also compliment overall health.Some supplements known to accelerate strong joints such as Glucosamine Chondroitin taken under guidance.

In conclusion I hope this guide on fixing broken Wrist is concise enough Plus entertaining ,and yes i know sitting still for weeks or months could drive anyone crazy but pheel free sharing cooler hipster survival tips that might work wonders during your turmoil. Don’t forget PHYSICIANS are just one call away(Oop quick before u get busy swinging weights in air) No We-Broke-Because-Ignores allowed👯‍♂️.