How to have a good diet as a teenager?

As a teenager, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits. With busy schedules and tempting junk food around every corner, maintaining a healthy diet can feel impossible. But fear not – with some simple changes and smart tricks, sticking to a nutritious diet is totally achievable! So grab your veggies and let’s get started.

Setting The Foundation

Before we dive in headfirst (or fork first) into the world of good nutrition, let’s start with some basics that will help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle through teenage trials such as; puberty growth spurts’ cravings for pizza at 11 pm (we’ve all been there):

Start Your Day Right

Breakfast may be called the most important meal of the day… but let’s face it: when was the last time your mom had to drag you out of bed after three snooze buttons? Starting your day on an empty stomach just sets you up for nutrient-poor snacking later on. Try these quick breakfast ideas:

  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Toast topped with peanut butter or avocado
  • Banana or fruit smoothie

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout the day will keep both body fluids at optimal levels which are crucial ingredients for general performance and development phases This means saying goodbye to soda pop crash-fests & replacing them fresh options like:

Rooibos tea

Yes thats right even Rooibos! Its one of those less common ones except in South Africa where its enjoyed regularly.

Make It Nutritious

Okay, now that we’ve got the basics down pat … The key thing about eating healthily is ensuring our meals have ample nutrients that aren’t coming pre-packaged with our takeout orders. So how does one even begin to eat nutritious food? Let’s break it down:

Say “Yes” To Vegetables

Vegetables are like the superheroes of nutrition – and we all know there aren’t enough of those in real life, so let’s enjoy it while they last! And YES, you may wrinkle your nose at the thought of broccoli or spinach but there are plenty tasty ways around them;

Kid-friendly Veggie Ideas
Carrot & cucumber sticks
Cherry tomatoes
Bell pepper strips (or capsicum for Aussies out there)
Roasted Veggie medleys

Pro tip: To make veggies less boring try using different dips such as hummus or almond dip.

Don’t Forget About Fruit

Smoothie bowls might look fancy on Instagram, but did you know that fruit can be even more versatile than vegetables when it comes to creating healthy meals and snacks. You could use frozen berries for a smoothie recipe OR go tropical with fresh Pineapple chunks if you have a sweet tooth;

Also keep in mind portion control goes hand-in-hand with fruit consumption because some types have high amounts natural sugars which improve taste considerably but consuming too much can also mean unwanted calories!

Embrace Whole Grains

While carbs get a bad rep from most diets claiming an anti carbohydrate approach especially lately; But wholegrain options which are richer nutrients is always better than processed foods

Some easy approaches:
– Brown rice instead white rice
– Multigrain bread over white etc.
Incorporating complex carbohydrates offers slow-release energy making you feel fuller AND not prone to crash after consumption

Be Mindful Of What Goes Into Your Body

You’ve heard this before: “you’re what you eat”. Now that we’ve got everything set up nutritious wise.. let’s explore mindset tips so that good eating habits become the norm ;

Pay Attention To Portion Sizes

While it can be tempting to opt for extreme calorie counting or avoiding entire food groups, keeping portion sizes in mind is a more practical way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just keep double-checking any tendency go overboard – even with veggies!

Pro tip: When eating out (which we all know will happen every now and then): Take advantage of the option to take leftovers back home instead of finishing everything on one sitting.

Moderation Is Key

You don’t have to say goodbye forever your favourite food items! Practicing moderation means not limiting yourself but also having self-control when necessary. That looks like being able balance occasional fast-food cravings but still focusing on nutrient-rich options overall most days

Keep It Interesting

Eating well doesn’t mean dull meals OR boring choices! In fact some creativity might just make you excited about meal time + increase the chance wanting stick around for keeps:

Make Your Own Meals

Starting small by DIY-ing basic meals ensures awareness of its content / nutritional values, this better understanding result repeated good practices spilling over into future adulthood carefree;

Here are some simple Recipes ideas that could get you started;
– Salad bowls
– Stirfrys
– Omelets

Pro tip: Pinterest is great place to start if looking inspiration culinary department!

Get Experimental With Flavours And Spices

Herbs & spices won’t only help give our dishes unique taste profiles –> they also can improve digestion, natural immunity along insulin resistance regular usages If unsure where start try research locally available ones such as:
– Mint leaves
– Basil
– Sage

And best part? They’re quite inexpensive too.

Exercise Regularly

We’ve established nutrition’s crucial role play healthy life…but physical activity contributes equally important aspect which helps metabolism revving up AND enhances productivity levels through it all;

So what does exercise look like for a teenager? Let’s take a closer look:

Incorporate Movement Into Your Daily Routine

Not everyone looking compete on future olympic games BUT finding ways increase movement throughout day is equally important as structured exercises after all it still contributes to staying fit + healthy overtime
– Biking/Walking to school
– Standing up while watching tv or studying (gets muscles working that sitting down doesn’t!)

Pro tip: Phone apps offer reminders get up stretch. And use this time for handy mini-workouts such yoga stretches, squats – whatever seems most fun!

Try Different Types Of Exercise

Part of keeping physical activity exciting means experimenting with different types; Theres more out there other than treadmill runs so try anything from dance classes cycling swimming etc. And who knows will may find something love doing even outside routine gym hours?


Sticking eating habits as a teenager might sound challenging at first but establishing good nutritional foundation early-on makes things easier (trust us). Finding perfect balance takes effort sure but ultimate end-result in terms confidence and overall health proves its worth investing in early stages life.

Remember : Healthy Junk Food Alternatives Is Key! (an oxymoron we are happy accept anyday)

Thanks for stopping by and wishing you nothing but the Best, Bon Appetite & keep exercising 😉

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