How to handle being away from your boyfriend?

It’s tough being away from your bae, especially when you’re used to seeing them all the time. Whether it’s for work, school or a family vacation, sometimes distance can put a strain on your relationship. But don’t fret! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you survive being apart.

Communication is Key

The key to any successful long-distance relationship is communication. You still have to talk consistently and make each other feel loved despite the distance between you two. There are so many ways of keeping in touch these days that there really are no excuses not to!

Skype/ FaceTime

Seeing your partner’s face is always more reassuring than just hearing their voice over phone calls or text messages. Plus, with video chatting technology such as Skype and FaceTime, it makes communicating with someone billions of miles apart seem effortless.

Send love letters

There’s something about receiving mail at home that feels exciting – like opening up a little treasure chest filled with goodies inside! Sending handwritten love letters can be extremely romantic and show how much effort one person puts into staying connected while away.

Don’t forget about good old texting

This might sound obvious but sometimes we forget how powerful our mobile phones really are! Text messaging has come a long way since Nokia 3310s appeared on the scene – now we use emojis (!), GIFs, memes & audacious lingo (such as ‘lol’!). Use this option frequently too!

Stay busy: New Hobbies alert

While loneliness might succumb once in awhile for spending time without him, why not find new hobbies? Doing things you enjoy or trying out something new entirely keeps boredom away whilst commanding positive energy over personal growth?!

Some examples include:

  • Taking dance lessons
  • Joining cooking classes
  • Starting an art project (like painting)
  • Joining a book club-try different genres
  • Investing in an instrument like a ukulele or a keyboard piece

Make the Most of Your Time with Friends & Family

If you’re going to be away from your significant other, why not make sure that you fill that gap? Whether it’s catching up on lost time with friends and family members who live nearby, or making new connections while traveling solo – there are plenty of opportunities for adventure when one is willing!

Have girls night/buddies catch-up

This is the perfect time to catch up with old mates. There’s always something happening over at your friend Sophie’s house- dancing classes to movie nights or even indulge into wine-tasting! Why not take some ideas from such events?!

Take road trips:

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and exploring what this world has to offer. Taking on random mini-adventures makes life feel more …. interesting (and breaks monotony(☆_・)) One can contact multiple roadside vendors online which provide food, music-hosting interesting street musicians playing locally recognised tunes whilst waiting for a sunset – Life hits differently afterall.

Meet New People:

Bars/Restaurants might provide platforms inclined towards meeting people who share diverse cultural backgrounds as well foreign languages. Engage in conversations; exchange ideas and experiences since it brings about an opportunity to learn stuff whilst passing value over everyday situations too.

Stay Active: Get physical activity LIT()!

Getting active releases stress while keeping oneself engaged in various productive activities across bodily health spectrum including both cardio as well strength exercises thereby invigorating endorphins which results towards happy hooping hormones within our body.

Henceforth there are numerous means by which one could embrace physical activity during this phase without feeling bored!! The examples mentioned below will help :

  • Join A Beach Volleyball League
  • Go Swimming Indoors
  • Try Some Yoga Classes
  • Fun Runs are a perfect way to meet new people

Find Comfort in Routine:

While the idea of one’s routine might sound monotonous – there’s actually comfort in knowing what is coming next until something drastic happens. To aid through these phases, sticking firmly to schedule becomes necessary for having the time pass by fluently (because if left unattended it could eventually result towards not knows what day it was)!

Make yourself a daily checklist:

An easy step involves compiling out responsibilities and keeping track each task as they’re completed. Big or small tasks- everything needs adequate attention since this helps map out progression whilst catering attentiveness over other striking opportunities.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Forgoing foods at predetermined intervals while maintaining nutrient sufficient diet with monitored calorie counts? For starting off slow; start using an app like MyFitnessPal which offers monitoring via your phone on pre-set calories count overnight – Which does mean that consuming peanut-butter crackers after midnight could be somewhat difficult.

Dedicate weekends to particular errands/fun activities

This can apply either hanging outdoors meeting near & dear ones, investing ample energy in pursuing hobbies away from house-bound situations, volunteering for communal programmes etc.


Although spending time apart isn’t ideal – sometimes absence makes our hearts grow fonder!
With reasonable communication and wholesome dynamic approach taken up across various categories mention above remain proven techniques ensuring newly grown affection sparkles up alongside experiences gained outlining personal growth throughout!