How to guess baby gender from scan report?

Are you excited about your baby’s arrival and curious about their gender? Are you looking for ways to guess your baby’s gender before the big reveal at birth? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to guess baby gender from a scan report.


When it comes to guessing baby gender from a scan report, there are several factors that come into play. Firstly, let’s understand what goes on during an ultrasound appointment.

An ultrasound is a medical imaging technique used in obstetrics that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the fetus inside the mother’s uterus. The primary purpose of an ultrasound is usually diagnosis and evaluation but can also be used for prenatal sex determination if requested or deemed medically necessary.

As exciting as it sounds to determine your little one’s gender using technology; they might have other plans like not cooperating during ultrasounds. But fear not! We still got your back!

Age of Fetus

The timing of an ultra-sound heavily influences its accuracy in predicting foetal sex.
Sexual characteristics begin forming soon after fertilization when certain genes cause germ cells in the developing embryo to differentiate into male or female reproductive system which becomes visible by around 18-20 weeks.
This implies that most accurate estimation can be made after 20th week + between 24 -26 weeks.


Here are four effective methodologies suitable while attempting predictions:

Ramzi Theory

The Ramzi theory states that fetal development is different depending on whether implantation occurred on the right side of the uterus (boy) or left side (girl).
It works by analyzing sonogram images with uterine orientation based upon where placenta attaches: On trans-abdominal pelvic sonogram ⁽not transvaginal⁾ , If placental attachment site is located more towards the right, Congratulation! You are carrying a prince. But if the implantation is located more towards the left side of your uterus, you might have to start colouring your nursery walls pink.

Nub Theory or Angle of the Dangle

Nub theory (popular in Britain) uses technology to predict baby gender at an early stage — around 11 weeks of pregnancy. This technique analyzes how a tubercle (an offspring phallic structure) angles away or toward spine.
Usually motherhood enthusiasts first identify baby’s genital area using ultrasound after which they look for nub formation that points upwards over a 30-degree angle relative to spinal cord and considers it as male foetus; while anything less would indicate female neonate.

Unexpectedly accurate even though reliant on fortune under ideal circumstances but accuracy rates fall due also fetal positioning, insufficient analysis etc.

Chinese Gender Chart

The Chinese Gender Calendar provides meanings behind ancient based instructions hailing from China stating birth-giving mothers can know whether their child will be a boy or girl by determining his/her lunar-linked date of conception and mother’s age during said time period.

Here is what you do:

  1. Go through data concerning lunar year breakdown according to Gregorian calendar
  2. See which month(s) match up with fetus conception
  3. Look at your age during those months

Ever heard that old tale? That If The Lunar Age And The Lunar Month Of Conception Are Both Even Or Odd Numbers Then It Is A Boy Otherwise A Girl?

Baking Soda Trick

This test requires pregnant women collecting their urine sample in a separate container for mixing baking soda into it then observe reaction like fizziness indicates male while no bubbles mean female.

Despite entertaining possibilities provided with absolutely not scientific backing nor medical explanation hence not endorsed.


It’s impossible to guarantee any method gives us guaranteed results as all methods discussed above have inaccuracies and lack scientific proof.
Satisfy your craving for knowledge but understand gender prediction is best left to baby’s big reveal at birthtime. Till then, take care of yourself and keep smiling knowing that soon you will be a proud parent.

Keep Guessing!

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