How to grow thick eyelashes in a week?

Are you looking for ways to make your eyelashes stand out without those fake extensions? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll provide some handy tips and tricks that will help accelerate the growth of your natural lashes in just a week.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

First things first: let’s talk about sleep. It’s crucial for adequate hair growth. Getting enough restful sleep can increase blood flow circulation, reduce stress hormones or cortisol levels, which impacts our body, including lash growth.

Ensure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day. This helps stimulate lash follicles, revitalize them, replenish their lost nutrients and proteins while giving them ample time to grow thick.

Essential Oils Are Key

Essential oils should have made it into your daily routine by now. With all the goodness they hold – skin nourishment/ rejuvenation/ hydration / softening- its no wonder they’ll equally stimulate eyelash hairs as well!

Castor oil has been acclaimed globally for promoting healthy hair growth; lovingly dubbed “the miracle oil”. Castor oil contains certain nutrients like ricinoleic acid that can stimulate lush lashgrowth within a week if used consistently!

Coconut Oil proves very effective in strengthening weak , brittle lashes from external factors such as harsh makeup removals using rough cotton wool pads especially when combined with Argan Oil. Mix half teaspoon each of coconut oil and argan oil before applying gently over closed lids using fingertip lightly smeared simultaneously .

Olive Oil contains Vitamin E too –it fights free radicals ; fortifies fragile strands thereby increasing resilience against breakages.[^1]

Tea Tree yAil may taste horrendous but not only great during inhalation therapy sessions ,but also soothes inflamed cysts around lash hairs while keeping your lashes healthy and smooth.

Cleanse and Moisturize Clean

To grow thick eyelashes, it is vital to clean them regularly. Ensure that you are always removing eye-makeup before hitting the bed using mild eye makeup remover or cleanser(100% natural mineral based remedy) meant for sensitive skin around eyes. Watch out for any signs of irritation after use & discontinue if symptoms persist.

After cleansing, moisturizing helps lock in hydration which prevents lash from becoming brittle/ breakage-prone due to water loss in each strand. A Hyaluronic acid-based lightweight serum specially formulated with 4 key peptide complex ,provides the right environment/hydration needed for sustained growth

Stay Cautious and Gentle While Removing Eye-Make Up

Using harsh cotton or other types of rough material repeatedly brings about friction on delicate skin around eyes leading to damage/cuts without giving room enough time recover or rejuvenate. Moreover if feeling exhausted ; avoid haphazardly rubbing tired eyes as this puts unnecessary pressure causing endorphin-disrupting tensions resulting In impaired hair growth cycles.

Ensure when removing your Eyelash extensions/ falsies label until jelly-like plastic dissolves over a few minutes ;before gently sliding off with chosen remover easily leaving eyelids tenderized enhanced suppleness softness moistened topicallyy.

A good rule of thumb; Always aim at being gentle instead of forceful –the latter only leads towards unwanted consequences endangering safety/profile.

Nourish Your Brows

Eyebrows aren’t too far apart from eyelashes –nature reminds us they feel neglected when separated- feed them well with same essential oils that promotes healthy lush eyebrows – Castor oil /Olive Oil/ Argan Oil allow their nutrition penetrate fully:

Use eyebrow brush applicator apply castor oil deeply into brow strands root-to-tip covering both parties evenly. Comb through after application. Finally use Q-tip dipped in same oil and dab on brow archs working inwardly. Comb through again.

The Power of a Healthy Diet

Have you ever heard the phase “We are what we eat?” This is undoubtedly true when it comes to healthy-looking lashes. Including certain vitamins, nutrients or minerals into your diet can not just promote eyelash growth but also assist with skin issues such as acne/ hyperpigmentation too! It’s all about taking care of yourself mindfully while providing hair nourishment from within.

Consume protein-rich sources like eggs/nuts/fish/dark leafy greens – kale/spinach//lentils which provides ample amounts biotin & folate essential for long term natural lash growth. Also include Vitamins A & C like carrots/ blueberries one each day improves hydration/reduces inflammation by enhancing overall immune system helping accomplish desired profile.

Water intake equally compensates for keeping body cells hydrated thoroughly removing unwanted toxins left out radically/inflammatorily reduced being part cause to weaker delicate lashes due onset infections . Ensure that at least eight glasses (2-3 litres )are consumed daily

Taking necessary foods will make sure that our lashes grow healthily from the follicles internally starting off our great expedition.

Revamp Your Mascara Game

When you’re trying to grow thick eyelashes in a week, even small changes count! Consider trading up your regular mascara for something more nutritious – adding fiber mascara on top helps create an intentional lash volume effect-while still promoting healthy fast-growing luscious hairs.

Regular Mascara usage causes harm than good leading toward lacklustre thinning ends /breakages causing discouragement; Similarly avoid synthetic chemicalers rich brands infused false promises purely profit-seeking leading towards disastrous consequences beyond premature eradication of gains made earlier..

Our final banter: Find mascaras with natural ingredients especially bamboo-shoot-fibers-rich mascara that let you look fierce daily without inflicting damage to your natural locks and its A-okay!

Don’t Underestimate Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel, a topical acne remedy/anti-inflammatory wonder often added in many skincare go-to’s provides additional benefits; as it helps tame itching or inflamed hair follicle conditions present around lashes. Soak cotton-wool pads intermittently ;apply gentle pressure lid whilst keeping eyes closed allowing for irritation soothing alternately opting for chamomile tea bags placed on each eye for 5 minutes similarly too would significantly improve overall lash health.

It’s crucial to avoid accidental physical harm when exploring new beauty trends – always opt for proven scientific methods with excellent customer ratings /recommendations achieved naturally overtime.

Be Patient and Consistent!

Yes, Patience is indeed our virtue here! While applying oils/following routines recommended It takes time effort consistency (at least 3 times per week) dedication, constant care also avoiding artificial treatments targeting eyelash growth. Before believing any false hopes, Know-ness patience commitment perseverance pays off.

[1] Rachael Link MS RD: Healthline Contributor

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