How To Grow Taller? Tips You Should Know!

The entire concept of growing taller, while completely real, is very varied based on the perception received through different types of people. While it may be a matter of pride or honor for some, height, for some people, can simply be a very sensitive and personal matter.

Why most people want to grow taller

Some find it very incognizant to their daily workings, while some might be very devastatingly affected by the repercussions faced and felt due the same. Some desire to grow a little more, while others might be absolutely content with the length they stand at. Similarly, a few of such people might also want to reduce their height. But since the ratio of wanting to grow, this article will be heading down the same direction. There are, scientifically and non-scientifically, numerous ways through which one can receive a growth spurt if that’s what they really need.

Height can be a very sought after aspect of the human body, as some might desperately need it to earn a little respect or dignity. Some think of it as a very precious inanimate projection which might eventually help them get a better perspective about their own self-image while giving them a feel-good factor.

Nonetheless, this article will talk about a few ways, methods, tips, tricks, and techniques through which the person who really needs it, can tweak or increase the chances of them undergoing a growth spurt or experiencing a substantial gain in height over a drastically shorter period of time. While some methods might be very traditional, organic, or obvious, some might even be rather unconventional and unscientific but have been recorded to help a little.

The concept of growth

Before even thinking about the methods and techniques, let’s talk a little bit about how does this work. How exactly can you gain a little height? Usually, biologically speaking, the average human body undergoes a substantial and rather sudden growth during puberty. The amount of length or height gained is drastically increased during puberty than when compared to any other age of your entire life. The exact part of your body that plays this part is usually referred to as the “Pituitary Gland”. It is the same part of your body which is responsible for releasing the “growth hormone” which, once injected into your bloodstream, practically forces your body to grow but in a very subtle and natural way.

While, unfortunately, there isn’t a specific way to gain height suddenly or instantly, yet, another biological factor that governs the laws of height is simply genetics. As a matter of fact, introspectively, almost around 60-80% of your height is determined through your genetics, or more specifically, your DNA. You acquire your DNA from both your mother and your father. So chances are, if anyone of your parents is tall, you might eventually grow out to be tall too. While in some cases it takes time (possibly even after the numeric end of your puberty), it scientifically is bound to happen eventually. Nonetheless, possibly the only good thing that came out of mentioning the above argument is that the chances of your height being decided at the hands of your genetics or your DNA is not 100%. And as long as there’s still even the slightest of the chances, there are always going to be certain techniques, methods, or ways through which you can make the entire process of you growing a bit taller possible, or just a little quicker if that’s what’s needed.

Steps to take to grow taller or trigger a growth spurt

Before going forth with the below-mentioned tips or techniques, you need to know that these points do not ensure or promise to definitely show an increase in your height. These might or might not have an effect on your biological growth. However, these have shown a very positive impact on the majority of the people who have tried these before you. In the end, it all comes down to the metabolism rate your body holds.

  • A good rest – One of the most crucial factors in not only increasing your height but your overall physical stability and well-being is sleeping. A rather lesser known fact amongst several youngsters and individuals is that your body grows the most during your sleep hours. The enzymes and hormones are stimulated while the body is resting which eventually leads to a faster and better growth rate. Getting the average recommended 8-9 hours of rest is ideal and, moreover, needed if you want your body to undergo it’s usual natural growth overnight while you’re resting.
  • A balanced and healthy diet – This one should be a no-brainer as the nutrition we let our body take directly affects the rate of growth it experiences over time. If our daily diet is not balanced, meaning not full with the required amounts of proteins, fats, carbs, fibers, etc. then our body naturally won’t grow at all. Nutrition is needed by the bones and the muscles during the growth spurt, but if not consumed, the muscles start eating their growth, directly affecting the natural tendency to gain height.
  • Stretch, don’t slouch – While most websites or tutorials term this as a scientific myth, studies show that while not entirely, stretching exercises like crunches, pull-ups, hangs, back stretching, and other similar exercises can directly induce your back-bone or spinal cord to stretch out more than usual causing it to elongate in the process. Similarly, slouching is a huge no as it makes the sections and segments of your spinal cord to compress, making it a bit shorter. The more your spinal segments decompress, the taller you’ll be, however, the difference isn’t that visual.


While performing the above-mentioned steps don’t ensure that your height grows, they are a rather good scientifically proven method of tweaking a few things inside your body which might spur growth. Nonetheless, your height is still largely governed by your DNA structure, or in short, your genetics. You can still, however, try to opt out for this tricks and techniques to make some small meaningful tweaks here and there.

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