How to grow out white hair naturally?

Are you tired of seeing those pesky white hairs pop up and ruin your perfect hair color? Well, worry no more because I have got some amazing natural remedies that will help you grow out white hair naturally!

Before we dive into the solutions, it’s important to understand why our hair turns white in the first place. When we age, our body produces less melanin, which gives our hair its color. Therefore, when there is little or no melanin present in the follicles of our scalp, it can result in growing white hairs instead of colored ones.

Stop Stressing about It- Accept The Natural You!

Let’s face it; life can be stressful enough without worrying about a few strands of silvery locks popping up on your head. Before stressing yourself even further over something so trivial which everyone eventually goes through anyways (unless they go bald), accept this beautiful journey called ageing and embrace your greyish hues like Helen Mirren does – do not call her ‘silver fox’ for nothing!

Diet – Eat Your Way To Nourished Hairs

Your diet plays an instrumental role in keeping your hair healthy [1]. So eat right and keep those greys at bay:

  • Incorporate foods rich in vitamins D3 & E such as fish oil or eggs as these stimulate new growth by enhancing blood flow.
  • Replace processed foods/junk food with fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants [2] like berries, broccoli & beetroot.

While eating nutritious food helps nourish from within accepting certain dietary habits can also work wonders for us[3]

Habit Benefits
Drink Enough Water Hydrates Our Scalp
Quit Smoking Keeps Oxidants away
Meditation/Exercise/Yoga Reduces stress

Goodbye Oiling All Night Long!

Remember your mom forcing you to sleep with oil smeared on your scalp, and back then wondering what possible good that could do? Well, here is an answer – It’d clog pores hence causing hair-fall[sources needed :P]! So quit coating the strands in thick layers of oil overnight. Instead, try this natural DIY hair mask and gift yourself luscious locks.

DIY Hair Masks

1-Curry leaves Mask


  • A generous bunch of Curry leaves
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil.

Boil curry leaves in a cupful of water for 5 minutes finally mixing Coconut Oil into it to create mask applying same For An Hour On Roots Being Enough

This concoction has been deemed worthy enough for its restorative properties as it contains Vitamins B6 & C Essential But Also Rarely Found](source)

2-Henna Powder With Lemon Juice Mask

If colouring does not scare you[4], Try Henna powder mixed with lemon juice infused deep conditioning pack which helps cover up white hairs. Keep the mix around 8 hours before rinsing off.[Not recomended if follucles are weakened or during pregnancy]

Just The Right Cut Please!

No one needs bad haircut days anymore than grey tresses popping-up unexpectedly so how about styling instead?

Pixie cuts/Skinhead/mohawk hairstyles

For those daring individuals willing to hack off long locks can consider pixie cut/Skinhead/Mohawk hairstyles will high light greyish tones quite well blended even!. It Can help eliminate unwanted hair length while masking new growth too – isn’t that smart?

Rock That Pomp

You heard me right; If skinhead/Pixe cut looks too much or empty patches after cutting emerge out, trying experimenting with vintage styles such as Pompadour hairstyle easily accentuating silver highlights [5]. Check this – Elvis Presley had been well known for his beautiful silver tones incorporated in the pompadour look!

These solutions are not just effective at growing out white hair naturally but also fun to try out! Include them in your daily routine, and I bet you will soon notice a difference. Remember- Ageing isn’t a disease, so embrace it wholeheartedly.

Wishing You Gorgeous Hairs