How to grow a beard red dead 2?

Are you tired of feeling like a baby-faced gunslinger in Red Dead Redemption 2? Fear not, my friend! You too can join the ranks of the burly, bearded men roaming the wild west. Here’s your guide on how to grow a beard in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Get Ready to Commit

Growing a beard isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes time and commitment. But if you’re willing to go all-in with it, let’s get started!

In-Game Steps

First things first: start by making Arthur Morgan’s hair and facial hair long – this’ll aid exponentially throughout constant sleepers unmet beauty demands.

Eat Up

Arthur needs food for his journey – eat high-quality meats like beef or bison meat. Keep the hunger pangs at bay while also building protein reserves that will supply nutrients needed for hair growth.

Choose Your Style

Not only do we want your hair long but style matters too! Decide what kind of facial hair Arthur should aim for whether he prefers chinstrap, friendly mutton chops or anything else; each hairstyle requires different techniques so choose wisely.

Keep Cleanliness at Bay

Hygiene during gameplay is crucial as it affects aesthetics AND health.

Therefore don’t forget about keeping our protagonist clean post-grooming session(s). Brush off obnoxious hairs and always make sure they’re glittered up before moving on ahead!

With alcohol consumption increasing chances may rise regarding accidentally falling into mud holes – this stuff just happens, especially after celebrating killing moves (or looking good.) Stay cautious gentlemen.

Let Time Run Its Course

Sad news folks—fast-paced action didn’t gift us supernatural capabilities therefore patience becomes queen upon clicking “start game” button… Basically: there are no shortcuts here lads!

While simulation mode progresses pay attention solely towards being chill out around Arthur Morgan avoiding story-mode shenanigans; don’t forget about feeding and paying great attention to outdoor cleanliness.

The Final Countdown

As you wait for your majestic beard to grow, check the growth status regularly by utilizing the pause menu in-game. When clicking into your wardrobe via “kit” option found on top of the screen – visualization can become reality within mere seconds proving that a moustache or goatee doesn’t grow overnight but beards certainly do.

Arthur’s full facial hair will take approximately 74 days (a.k.a real-time hours) which’s considerably long yet wildly rewarding since now he’ll look more masculine than ever!

Say Goodbye to Shaving

Now that you’ve taken all the necessary steps in-game it’s time to celebrate! Wave goodbye to those annoying razors. Not only have you put in hard work game-wise, so let’s match our dedication with physical products…

Choose Your Beard Products Carefully

Ensuring quality of the products used during grooming is vital towards maintaining easily achievable glamour – thankfully most ingredients can quickly fix our gentleman up very well too.

Now might be an excellent time for some investments regarding purchasing proper tools such as:

  • soothing oils (beard oil) designed precisely for moisturizing natural deposits;
  • “deconstruction” balms (beard balm) eradicating frizz whilst retaining sleekness at earlier epic levels.

Keep these little tips under consideration if avoiding unkempt appearance becomes priority nowadays (fingers crossed.)

Other helpful items concerning beard beauty maintenance may include:

  • round-bristled brush(es); ensuring thorough scalp exfoliation hence stimulating circulation.
    An emphasis should be placed upon circulations as it fosters better facial hair!

After applying much effort gaining face growths is not enough therefore going easy with sulphates whilst washing one’s new set-furry appendages should be taken into consideration; otherwise hair will appear brittle, straw=like with overall dry appearance that just yells “wash me”…

Therefore achieving balance between cleanliness & beard lusciousness is key- balance being the elusive ingredient we’re all looking for.


Growing a long and healthy beard in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be time-consuming, but ultimately worth it. With patience and dedication (and the right products), you too can achieve a rugged look worthy of a true cowboy.

In conclusion, congratulations on completing this adventure journey since resulting decisions lead towards staring at Arthur’s face more often than ever before alongside gushing over his dastardly handsomeness – now begone young gun-slinger as much work needs to be done!