How to get started with meditation?

Take a deep breath. You’re about to embark on the journey of meditation – but don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it may seem.

Meditation has become increasingly popular among all walks of life in recent years. Whether you’re seeking inner peace, stress relief or just looking for a way to clear your mind (cough cough, guilty), the benefits of meditation are plentiful.

But where do you even begin? With so many different types and techniques out there, it can be overwhelming for beginners. Fear not! Here’s your ultimate guide to get started with meditation and start reaping the rewards!

Step 1: Find Your Focus

The first step in starting your meditation practice is figuring out what kind of meditation hippie (not my words) you want to be (if that wasn’t evident enough from before).

Mindfulness Meditation

This technique involves paying attention to your thoughts without judgment & focus solely on experiencing the present moment in its most honest form.

Transcendental Meditation

Now this one requires a mantra – basically repeating words or phrases over and again silently
– once during our inhale breathe
and once more whilst exhaling.One such example is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Simple enough nah?
Anyways apparently this helps expand awareness through repeated wordless chanting nonsense gibberish repetition blah-blah

Other Options? Freedom!

Or try creating something yourself – create an atmosphere that suits best towards relaxation – outdoor or indoor; themed environments– Zen gardens encouraged…but optional.

Important: It really doesn’t matter which type/strategy you choose as long as it interests or inspires you.. Don’t wanna jump off Deep waters when we’ve Got rubber ducks at home.

Step 2: Choose a Time and Place

With endless possibilities, mornings, and evenings you can choose a time that suits the schedule best.

Trust me; once it becomes part of your routine, it will feel natural…


It’s suggested to start with just 10 minutes at first but over time feel free to increase or decrease the duration as per preference. No deadlines.


Folks anytime when are indoors they ought to be seated comfortably whether chair or floor. But Outdoor lovers might wanna explore nature for this exciting venture.. sees someone meditating upside down on a cliff edge Challenge accepted! Never mind ignore last sentence.

Tip: Feel Free! ; Practice out in those areas which bring relaxation – Beach side or Jungle (If that’s available)…But seriously Be Safe.

Step 3: Gently Get Beginning

Do not go in ham-handedly from day one thinking we gonna follow complicated routines.. all complexities should be reserved towards life woes!

Ease into Mediation by beginning slowly & grow from there…

We may even begin taking deep breaths through our nostrils while exhaling via Mouths while “relaxing”

Sounds cheesy right? Such an easy step reaps major benefits hence proved slow and steady wins the race.

Step 4: Find Your Rhythm

Like Jagger – Everyone has got their own groove, don’t compare yourself with others who found theirs early.

Different Techniques demand different rhythms- Though personally suggest flowing along those inspiring harmonies outdoors!(cue chirping birds)

Some additional techniques folks often like practicing involves humming mantras under our breathe – Humming Calms the Soul apparently(even in a hostage situation I presume…)

Try multiple forms until u find what floats your boat..

Key(tip) : Don’t get demoralized if rhythm takes some time setting itself up…Patience Grasshopper Patience

Step 5: Nurture Dedication & Train the Mind

Our thoughts are our worst enemies giving way to Pandemic Namaste Thoughts (laughs)

But seriously! From time to time, one will find repetition of negative thoughts popping up in their minds

No worries. A crucial aspect when starting meditation is dedication towards it – (with shameless need for Insta/WA updates but off focusing)

One prime rule that you hear often—and must now follow—is, “When a thought comes up, acknowledge its presence and try letting it go”. Easy right? (hahaha)

With practice we could observe heaps from within..whilst still detaching ourselves mentally.

Just Remember: It’s okay if the mind wanders initially till we create effective mental walls & increase focus!

Step 6: Don’t Forget About Body Positivity

In accordance with how frustrating an unfocused mind can be…physical strains don’t help.

Whilst meditating positive vibes flow hopefully throughout your body so invest into smooth poses like yoga and what not(even ‘Namaste’ with both hands opening i.e saying Hi To God).

Either or all would lead the pathway to easy mood formulation–perk alert…

To finalize committing somewhat regularity pays its dividends.

It might take time or even strategy changes for maximum output but sticking through shows Mental fortitude furthermore discipline that exceeds beyond just Meditation..

Let get Ending On Optimistic Note Shall We(not Optional ;D)

For some scenarios apparently a silent cheer works best Mentally…Just Saying(”)

“May-All-beings-be-happy-& everything-smoothly-sails-in-the-right-direction” (<–Try repeating this under ur breath in Rhythmic Manner)

Take away note: As long as you relax every once in a while then they aren’t too hard nor do they yield no rewards.(just benefits squared)

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