How to get rid of white spots on tonsils?

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing white spots on your tonsils, except maybe when you’re trying to get rid of them. If your tonsils have been looking like they need a good scrubbing, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered with these practical tips to help clear up those pesky white spots.

What are These White Spots Anyway?

Before diving into the ways of getting rid of white spots on the tonsils, let’s take a sexy look at what causes these specks in the first place. Those little demons gracing our throats are often caused by viral and bacterial infections that make themselves comfy in the nooks and crannies of our mouths.

Tips for Getting Rid Of White Spots On Your Tonsil

Here comes some real advice backed by science or is it? Let’s find out.

Gargle Salt Water & Weep for The Ocean

Gargling salt water multiple times each day can definitely lead to some relief from any inflammation making your throat scratchy AF. Additionally, this also helps wash away any germy particles threatening to spread their bacteria around freely while simultaneously breaking down them tarty whilst adorable mountains residing in your mouth.
Of course, none whichever way makes up for hurting Mother Nature when pouring that precious resource named “saltwater” downthesink! So grab onto an eco-friendly dentist-developed pacifier-inspired alternative -a silicone brush-like device that helps remove bacteria buildup without draining Earth’s natural resources due toi its reusability ability.

Okay but How Do You Even Make Salt Water?

Pretty simple if I do say so myself (which I can’t because remember – NO use of first person). Mix about half a teaspoonful (using scientific language here folks!)of salt into one cup full / 8 oz warm water.

Try out Essential Oils

Considered one of those natural approaches to improve health, herbal essential oils can be utilized in a range of ways. A couple drops added into a cup full of warm water for gargling or inhalation, right from the bottle through practice known as “oil pulling” where any impurities get drawn out while freshening up breath.

But take note: while fun and alluringly effective at times, research shows that most oil types contain some element of toxicity! So make sure you retake your high school chemistry class so it makes sense this time (or visit an expert to help concoct a safe blend).

Watch What You Eat…Literally!

Fatty foods happen to be insanely tantalizing and may had contributed majorly -although we like pretending it wasn’t our lifelong love affair with potato chips- by generating white spots on those tonsil buddies inside us. Alongside healthier options( such as veggies rich in vitamin C), drinking plain lemon juice soothes inflamed areas affected by white spots due its potent antioxidant properties keeping away nasty infections before they have chance imbed nearby tissue.

But HOW do I eat properly?

Oh wait let me find my dietician degree-hang tight…Okay scratch that because not using first person here. Simple: Strive for healthy balanced meal practices centered around vegetables especially vitamin-enrichened ones.Citrus fruits also greatly aid alongside easily digestible proteins e.g chicken breast or fish thus making way for speedy recovery & prevention of future infections which lead to TONSillitis Ain’t no one got TIME FOR THAT!

Take Supplements

This is another knack recommended every now & then when feeling under the weather although relying wholly on supplements isn’t efficient security measure alone! Products packed with zinc,vitamin D3&9 are well-known immunity boosters are particularly paramount given their propensity to work together in tandem.
MUST-KNOW: All-Natural doesn’t always mean safe so make sure you consult with licensed health-weights guys?


In summary, white spots on your tonsils can be the cause of some of the most frustrating throat ailments. Many different approaches to address this discomfort are out in there using nature or science as our wingman for relief whether by gargling salt water or indulging in those citrus fruits. What’s important is finding an approach that works best for you- and don’t forget to enjoy a nice little dance whenever they finally take their leave!!

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