How to get rid of redness from sunburn instantly?

Oh boy, the sun is out! You know what that means – time to hit the beach and get a nice golden tan. But wait, did you forget something important? Ah yes, sunscreen. The one thing standing between you and a lobster-red complexion.

Don’t worry though; we’ve all been there at least once in our lives. In fact, some of us (cough me cough) have made it their life mission to avoid getting sunburnt but sometimes sht happens!

So here’s how to quickly fix the damage caused by your inability (and mine) to properly anticipate UV rays.

A quick lesson on sunburns

Before diving into ways to help relieve red skin, let’s cover why you’re experiencing this discomfort in the first place.

Sunburns are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from sunlight or tanning beds (stay away). This radiation can either burn your skin immediately or gradually show symptoms several hours after exposure.

Symptoms range from mild pinkish skin discoloration/redness through moderate-to-severe pain with blistering and peeling for more severe cases (ouch).

Soothe your sunburned skin with these tips:

Tip #1: Cool it off

A great way to restore irritated damaged tissue is by applying moisture or hydration as soon as possible. If you don’t have an ice pack handy try soaking a towel/cloth in cold water; wring out excess water before applying onto affected area(s).

Pro-tip: add ice cubes/ frozen vegetables instead of normal tap water

Tip #2: Spray mist

If cold compress isn’t available then spraying cool water directly onto torched patches will also impart immediate relief (hallelujah) Just make sure not too pressurized as harsh sprays can exasperate burn.

Tip #3: Hydrate

Drink water! In addition to external hydration, sunburnt skin has been shown to benefit from internal hydration by increasing overall water intake. Keep yourself hydrated inside and out; inadequate fluids only exacerbates the burning sensation.

Pro-tip: add coconut oil/ aloe vera juice (concentrate)

Tip #4: Take aspirin

That unbearable throbbing ache needs to go away sooner rather than later so take an aspirin (not for those allergic or under medication compulsion) Taking Aspirin will bring down fever & provide pain relief assuaging discomfort.

Tip #5:Try Baking Soda

Add ½-cup of baking soda into your bathwater & soak in the tub for atleast ten minutes – this method is known as (bi-carb) rinsing. Allow skin air-dry or smartly pat excess moisture after bathing!

Pro-tip: try substituting rubbing alcohol for homemade DIY spray!

Home remedies that work

If you’re looking for ways to treat your sunburn without leaving home, there are some simple things you can make use of right now:

Aloe Vera Gel

A life saver when it comes with dealing with redness around burnt area(s); its natural anti-inflammatory gel provides instant cooling while providing nourishment and boosts repair mechanism at cellular level.. Try keeping fresh leaves handy which proves quite useful in emergency cases.Additionally any cream/gel formulation over 98% also helps relieve symptoms faster i.e Fruit Of Earth’s gel runs abound US Market popular amongst several players.

Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers have powerful hydrating properties beyond moisturization adding nourishing enzymes returning vitality back to impervious layer.
N.B Crush lightly before applying on inflamed areas

### Green tea bags
One of the best antioxidants found naturally! Boil a green tea bag and let it cool for five minutes in fridge after; apply them onto areas of concern mostly seen around eyes. It will provide cooling effect throughout making under-eye circles less noticeable (yay!).

Apple cider vinegar

One of the least favorite remedies I expected to have on this list is apple cider vinegar, however, it inhibits inflammation and can effectively neutralize sunburn.
Mix equal parts water & apple cider vinegar then wipe or spray over affected area with paper-towel/cloth before adding moisturizer.

What not to do

Although you may be tempted other widely suggested home-remedies likely to exacerbate pain further that include:

  • Using butter/lotion/moisturizers – they act as insulators trapping heat underneath which only worsens symptoms.

  • Avoid tightly fitted clothes/ necklaces /jewelry etc. Applying pressure will further agitate sensitive skin

In conclusion, we understand everyone prefers a quick fix but there aren’t many fool-proof overnight treatments so prevention techniques are most strongly advised (sunscreen!) If worst-case scenario does happen though keep these tips handy for future reference instead of suffering through an even worse experience than necessary!

Stay safe out there folks (double air high-fives)

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