How to get rid of planters warts?

If you’re currently dealing with some pesky little lumps on the soles of your feet, then chances are that you might have developed plantar warts. Don’t panic just yet though! While they usually take a while to go away on their own, there are ways in which you can bid them farewell faster than they expect. Here we will delve into the possible causes and effects of these stubborn suckers as well as different remedies that can help remove them.

Understanding Plantar Warts

Before we get started with getting rid of those annoying bumps, let’s quickly cover what plantar warts actually are. These buggers come from an infection caused by a virus called HPV (human papillomavirus), which enters through small cracks or skin openings at the bottom of our feet via moist surfaces like pools and sidewalks where multiple people walk around barefooted.

Nowadays, most people tend not to worry too much about this type of wart because it is benign (lucky us) but still difficult to get rid of completely once infected (dang). This nasty bugger typically grows inside your foot towards flesh resulting in sharp pains; unlike ordinary warts that grow outside appearance-wise only.

While anybody can theoretically fall victim (laughs maniacally), children and teenagers face higher risks because they spend more time in damp areas like shower facilities/ public swimming pools/shared gym changing rooms – You know how everything tastes better when shared? Apparently viruses feel the same way!

Common Treatments

Okay kids, enough beating around the bush already- it’s time for us to equip ourselves with knowledge before heading off into battle against these moody little beasts. Below is a list containing treatments known for combatting our opponents:

Salicylic Acid

One common treatment used against plantar warts is salicylic acid applied topically. This is a type of acid that dissolves skin cells, making it easier for the HPV virus-infected wart layer to wear off (ewww!). However, if not careful enough during process can lead to intense itching and dehydration.

Duct Tape

If we’re looking for an oddly effective method, then covering your warts with duct tape might prove helpful. Sounds like a joke? It’s not – Studies have shown that placed properly duct tape can help remove these nasty creatures (cue Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” as we place another piece of tape in our little plantar wart friend).


We’ve come to the possible remedies which seem more legitimate; The first one being Cryo-therapy or simply put – Freezing. Just apply liquid nitrogen onto affected area until the formation freezes over completely and falls out like Mr.Bean after his induction into US Army (Symbolic link intended – Beware spoilers!)

There are also CO2 lasers available now licensed against verrucas/off-label used by treatment clinics but varying success rates.

DIY Home Remedies

Can’t make it to the clinic? Here are some other tips you could try at home:


Although a bit smelly this stuff has been known to work wonders- just chop up some fresh garlic pour off any excess water take whats left and place directly onto wart. Cover with plastic wrap and leave overnight.

Apple cider vinegar

Another alternative involves soaking your foot in apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water once or twice daily allowing liquids erode the infected portion until removal.

Now anyone mentioned removing plantar warts utilizing basil oil yet?

  1. Also includes applying vitamin e oils or even oregano oil!
  2. For stubborn ones mix two tablespoons each of baking soda & powdered aspirin tablets Stir well before adding sufficient amount of ACV paste applied on soaked feet covering with hand towels wearing cotton socks overnight- Repeat.

Vitamin C tablets

Break open a vitamin c tablet and mix with water to form paste for topical use, band aid over wart let sit.

While these all may sound just like old wives tales the collection of anecdotal evidence suggesting effectiveness providing comfort when needed where options seem limited or treatment unrewarding.

Prevention is better than cure

Whether you’re yet to develop warts on your feet or are trying to prevent the spread of infection if already infected there’s always something you can do: conscientious disinfection measures (appreciate them wipes placed in hotel rooms now, don’t we?). Don’t share your shoes, towels, socks with other people even though that’s cool it doesn’t promote healthy hygiene habits! Also be sure always wear flip-flops while walking around public areas especially those prone getting wet like shower hallways/ beaches/poolsides etc. Keep an eye out for unusual traumas/deformities on soles signaling potential growths which could become worse left untreated.

All being said and done finally – Facing up against dreaded plantar warts isn’t exactly how one chooses spending their weekends but by keeping hygiene practices up lets lessen chances succumbing anytime soon; bye-bye annoying little friends!

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