How to get rid of overbite at home?

You know those people who flash you their pearly white teeth and barely show any gum? Yep, they have perfect bites. Meanwhile, there are some of us who show off more gums than teeth when we smile due to an overbite.

An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth excessively overlap with the lower front teeth. It’s not uncommon, but it can cause dental problems like speech impediments, difficulty chewing food properly or even jaw pain! Before seeking professional help, know that there are ways to reduce your overbite at home – no need for braces!

The Perfect Bite

Before we delve into how you can fix your bite yourself, let’s first define what a perfect bite looks like:

  • The upper and lower jawbone should both be aligned
  • The top row of teeth should overlap the bottom slightly (about 2mm)
  • When biting down normally onto straightened jaws (not exaggeratedly), all molars should fit perfectly in place without having gaps on one side.

Having a great-looking bite is not only beneficial aesthetically but also prevents potential health hazards caused by unequal pressure distribution in our mouths. If not corrected early enough it’ll progress into different stages, meaning now would be the best time to address them before things start getting complicated.

Avoid Thumb-sucking and Pen-chewing Habits

Thumb-sucking among toddlers is common; however going past toddler stage it’s advisable as excessive thumb sucking causes prolonged abnormal bone alignment resulting in buck-toothed smiling faces later on.

Adults shouldn’t rule out pen-chewing either because research shows an increase in developing TMJ disorders which worsen moving from mild ache up till requiring surgical intervention if left untreated.

At this point OP please take note henceforth saying NO TO THUMB SUCKING AND PEN-CHEWING!!! Taking the first preventive step against overbite starts with saying no to these habits. If you can’t break them, just buy a teether with different flavors maybe that will help.

Chewing Gum for Stronger Jaw Muscles

Incorporating gum-chewing in your daily lifestyle is one of the best ways to combat excessive overbite as it helps strengthen your jaw muscles by repeated chewing motions mimicking the exercise routine needed by facial muscles. It’s important, however, to note that frequent or extended hours of chewing increases muscle bulk leading to an overall increased size in face structure than normal which isn’t what we want either.

Our advice: chew sugarless gum up until the point where there’s soreness produced from too much usage perhaps every other day; lessen it depending on how fast and well things improve.

Tongue Exercises

To fix overbites caused by retracted tongues try out the following tips:

  1. Placing tongue at back palate (mouth roof) – this position creates force easily prompting better alignment among all teeth.
  2. Repetitively extending tongue farther forward beyond lower front pair – This motion pushes areas closer together and makes jaws move correctly into their unique spaces.
  3. Hold for 10-20 seconds then release slowly
  4. Do sets about thrice per day if possible

It doesn’t matter where or when anyone does these; taking note during free time and doing them around three times each day whether standing while cooking meals, walking down a street road side-walks — always to do this exercise before getting late for work!

Chin-tuck Exercise

One way to reduce spacing between upper/lower front group pairs involves exercising using your neck downward toward chest bone (not fully tilting).Perform chin=tucking exercises shown below:

  • Sit straight
  • Tilt head towards chest
  • Hold for 5 secs
  • Release slowly

Repeat this exercise ten times twice a day to prevent pesky upper arch crowding. While at it make sure nothing obstructs your progress such as hair or collars etcetera.

Teeth Grinding Habit Control

Grinding teeth causes worn out and broken ones accompanied by their tips building up spanning into other tooth problems that destroy existing treatments.

Many grind subconsciously not even knowing they’re doing them. There are ways to detect and correct this habit:

  • Get yourself checked out by the dentist every six months
  • Wear mouthguards at night
  • Limit caffeine intake; you can substitute Coffee with Tea sometimes

Simple easy changes that pay dividends towards dilatory processes of overbite reduction among many more benefits stretching in place decades down the road when followed accordingly!

Healthy Nutritious Diets

Eating a balanced diet enhances skeletal health whilst providing micronutrients necessary for maintaining strong bones against damaging factors leading potentially to dental issues like overbite occurrence.

Recommended are meals rich especially in Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D which help rebuild mandibular muscles aiding gradually reshaping correctly positioned arches while providing strength throughout enamel layers hidden beneath gums & bone structure essential aspects guarding vulnerable surfaces people need protected from harsh environment elements rampant each day we live through altogether strengthening our teeth symmetry formation patterns naturally producing brighter smiles!!!

Chin-up Exercise

This simple self-help feature activates lower jawline muscles offering consequently improved balance between top/bottom pair groups amongst adjusting adequately placement reducing potential risks related biting troubles.

To achieve this end state relax face pause inhale deep exhales press together both lips upwardly (mid-point) pull lip corners then raise chin upwards counting 10 fast seconds return slowly downwards simile widely repeating thrice per session feel already breaking free from annoying appearance traits impeding perfection reveal cheer brightly happy tone!!


It’s time to say goodbye to overbites once and for all! All you need are these techniques mentioned above that can aid in correcting your overbite naturally – and at home, no less! Remember, patience is key to a gradual yet sure transformation.

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