How to get rid of numbness in your feet?

Have you ever been sitting for a long time and when you get up, your feet feel like they’ve died? Like there are tiny elves pricking needles into them. It’s not just uncomfortable; it’s downright unpleasant! Well, guess what – you don’t have to put up with numb feet any longer. Here are some ways to make sure those little toesies stay alive and kicking.

Unleash the Power of Movement

The first thing you should do if your feet go numb is simply move around! Sitting or standing still for too long can cause poor circulation which leads to numbing sensations in the limb.

  • Take a walk: You’re at work? Well tough nuggets because it’s time to take a stroll, boss. Walk around the office or take some laps outside – it doesn’t matter as long as you’re moving.
  • Shake things out: Sit down and wiggle your toes back and forth rapidly while also rotating your ankles (the iced coffee on your desk may shake too).
  • Stand up: If walking isn’t possible, stand up and shift your weight repeatedly from one foot to another every few minutes until that numbness goes away!

Stretch Your Way Out

Stretching helps improve blood flow throughout the body which ultimately aids circulatory issues leading towards eliminating numbness.

Yoga Time

Yoga isn’t all freaky handstands & chanting “Ommm.” Some basic yoga poses help increase flexibility, fully utilize muscles that we never use regularly especially ones specific content creation employees who sit at their workstations all day hunched over pending dealing with endless stressors from anxieties induced by deadlines such as:

1) Uttanasana aka ‘Spend More Money’ Pose:
– Stand tall keeping legs straight try touching floor with fingertips without bending knees

2) Parivrtta Surya Yantrassana aka “Imagine Starting Again” Pose:
– Sit on your feet (use cushion if needed), raise arms above head slowly go left twist as you push right elbow to the outer part of your left knee. Repeat on opposite side.

Aloe Vera Magic

Aloe vera has miraculous effects that can relieve discomfort and help in reducing numbness in feet.

  • Get some fresh aloe leaves: Make sure they’re big enough to cover both feet.
  • Extract gel from the leaf into a bowl: Don’t excess squeeze, gently remove thick layer by knife & collect it into a clean container
  • Massage with regards to affected areas: Apply it directly overwards the entire foot and make downward strokes for upto five minutes.

(rumor states that sometimes this could save you during peak exam season!).

Avoid High Heels

High heels looks amazing but let’s be realistic, those chunky pumps shooting four inches off of the ground might become an essential element of yours beautiful life BUT trust us, wearing them every day will only cause trouble. However we are guys writing this so what do we know?

Tip, switch up shoes or purchase supportive inserts which actually cradle arches when standing/walking ensuring blood flows smoothly throughout extremities.

Acupressure Time!

Acupressure is an ancient healing practice involving massaging specific points on the body believed to aid circulation such as:

1) Liver – 3 point:
This is located between first toe meeting mid-foot

2) Tai Chong – Great Rushing Point:
Situated between first and second metatarsal bones near prominence behind toes.

Such practices need sustained application overtime however if learnt correctly offer long term benefits (and hey here’s something fun while procrastinating).

Switch Seats

Not all seats were created equal remember ‘Hot Fuzz’ mundane desk police work ? Sometimes seating arrangements play key role in avoiding numbness.

  • Sit on an exercise ball: Ditch that rolling chair and opt for a yoga ball to sit atop!

Time to Alter Walking Technique

Paying Proper Attention while walking ensure you’re not overextending. The issue is, this throws off balance which unnecessarily puts pressure on feet ultimately blocking circulation.

Analyse your Gait

Analyzing your gait sounds hilarious but it’s actually pretty important if you want to avoid numb-feetedness! Here are ways of fixing :

1) Walk slowly around the room looking at how your foot hits surface:
Where you put more pressure – heel or toes? Based off this emphasising one type of stride more than another can aid comfort levels

2) Add Orthotics + Devices: Utilize devices such as arch supports/massagers/pads under areas affected/heel grips aiding towards creating a perfect fit between sole & shoe.

And finally my favorite :

Spicy Food Madness

Spicy foods reduce inflammation which helps blood circulate BUT, be careful –

  • Sample some hot sauce: Load up on tha scorching condiment known as Sriracha, Capers mayonnaise with chilli flakes (name any other spicy offering)
  • Munch a pepper: If it’s too spicy add peanut butter or use to top pizza!

What are you waiting for then?! Take these tips out for spin or risk feeling like both feet got replaced with lifeless molds!

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