How to get rid of nits with mouthwash?

Let’s be honest. Finding nits in your hair can be a nightmare. You start scratching, and then you discover more and more of them. Before you know it, you have an outbreak on your hands.

So, what do you do? Look no further than your bathroom cabinet for a solution – mouthwash!

Yes, we’re serious mouthwash is surprisingly effective at getting rid of those pesky nits once and for all. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of using mouthwash as a lice treatment.

Understanding Nits

Before discussing how to get rid of nits with mouthwash, let’s first grasp what they are.

Nits are generally small insects that attach themselves to our hair shafts and suck blood out from the scalp. They reproduce quickly – laying eggs about every 6-10 days until their lives come to end around three weeks later.

When treating head lice or nits in other people or pets include looking inside infested person’s bedding; below pillows (look beneath crevices/wrinkles); clothing hampers floor surface; car seats plus furniture which folks frequently sit down like couches alongside chairs.

What Makes Mouthwash So Effective Against Nits?

Mouthwashes contain alcohol which can dry out the nit shells making it difficult for them to survive longer periods outside eggshells ideal conditions ’cause as soon as the nit dries up it dies but still stays attached due glue-like secretion covering its’ outer shell protecting against exteriors that might want to harm or remove them akin chameleons’ transmutations so adding some salt enhances desiccation action contributing saliently towards their eventual death

Additionally, certain oils such as tea tree oil found in many types of mouthwashes have antibacterial properties that help kill any bacteria on directly contact with infected area on scalp without causing serious side effects like stinging sensations or hair drying out.

How to Apply Mouthwash for Getting Rid of Nits?

Now, that you understand how mouthwash can work against nits. Let’s delve into the process of application;

  1. The first step is to rinse your hair with preferably warm water since it opens up our pores plus minimalizes friction while washing intensively in all areas to remove any residue at instance.
  2. Once your hair has been cleaned, towel dry if possible and mix an equal amount of alcohol-based mouthwash with water in a bowl until applying the solution either directly onto neat sections throughout strands starting from one ear utilizing a comb (you might want interchanging combs frequently clearing†out dead debris accumulated) whilst waiting between 15-20 minutes before rinsing well under again using lukewarm stream as final wash off phase.
  3. Finally once done pat carefully dry but not harshly since skin damage could result based upon toughness prone to injury already attacked by irritating insects hence gentle cleansing should be prioritized also brushing helps too!
  4. This may be repeated every two days or according instructions given containing desired products chosen what underlines vitality hygiene routine due thoroughness diligence greatly minimized incidence parasite infestation

Treating Household Items

Not only is treating yourself paramount when fighting lice outbreaks but so are cleaning household items shared such as beddings, pillows amongst others where nits live long after incubated cycle ended they persist further extending territory invading its surrounding because even eggs stuck sheets could later transfer onto other members leading new outbreak elsewhere hence need sterilize everything exposed . Here are some ways you can clean such items:

  • Wash clothing and bedding in hotwater above 60 degrees Celsius
  • Use a dryer on high heat

What Not To Do When Fighting Against Nits

There are certain things which we should avoid doing while getting rid of nit infestations.

  • Avoid contact with others until certain the situation is under control because these insects spread rapidly whatever they attach to won’t stay on for long.
  • Don’t simply shave off all hair has been found inaccurate as creating a fresh patch to stick onto also- other hair needs (eyelash, pubic etc), requires better methods targeted killing parasites besides not being aesthetic too!
  • Limit sharing/handling everyday objects make personal hygiene top priority always devoid physical contacts unless covered protective gear – even indirect exposure dangerous leading resurgence previously completely eradicated creatures


In conclusion, getting rid of nits can be challenging but using mouthwash alongside brushing rinsing techniques might ameliorate mitigating detrimental consequences due lice their eggs. We hope our guide can enlighten and help you get started with this treatment today!