How to get rid of mucus in throat fast medicine?

Do you feel like there’s a goblin living rent-free in your throat? Do you cough-until-you-pee when you try to speak? Fear not, my congested comrade. It’s time to evict that mucus monster and restore peace and harmony to your throat.

Gargle Salt Water

Salt water can decongest and reduce inflammation in the throat. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt into an 8 oz glass of warm water. Stir it up until completely dissolved, tilt your head back, and pour about half the mixture down your throat (don’t forget to gargle!). Spit out the solution gently.

Pro tip: Try adding some vinegar for flavor – or simply because you hate yourself.

Drink Hot Tea with Honey

Drinking hot tea with honey is another effective way to treat excessive mucus buildup due to its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Green teas are especially helpful because they contain catechins which have antioxidant properties necessary against viruses.

Pro tip: Drink it fast without tasting so as not to lose courage then after the fact reward yourself by filling up on whiskey neat.

Tea Flavor
Peppermint Invigorating
Ginger Spicy
Chamomile Relaxing

Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation can make breathing easier while relieving excess phlegm production by breaking down thick layers so they may be removed more easily.. Just boil some water in a pot, remove from heat source, place steaming hot towel over head/chest area (caution!) for at least two minutes inhaling deeply each time , take breaks as needed…but this just imitates smoking!

Pro-tip: Adding essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, or menthol to the water will give you a more spa-worthy experience.

Use Essential Oils

You can also use essential oils in addition to your steam inhalation or without one that is if too hot for comfort. Eucalyptus oil helps cut down congestion while tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties removing infection-causing bacteria in your throat.

Pro tip: Put just enough drops – about two at most of each oil – into half empty container of Vaseline before putting onto Q-tip then swirl inside nostrils avoiding sensitive areas such as nosebridge and eyes because noone wants red watering/swelling after waking up the next day!

Essential Oil Benefits
Eucalyptus Decongestion
Tea Tree Antimicrobial

Go on a Diet Plan

Your diet could also be contributing all along with sigh mucus production so it makes sense cutting certain things out may help alleviate symptoms even we know for sure food intake would never contribute to any irregularities. Cow milk product like yogurt ice cream etc thicken secretes making them difficult clear away. Another culprit is over-consumption of sugar likewise beverages containing caffeine which cause dehydration leading thicker layers baby! Aim go gluten-free too since wheat products causing inflammation exacerbate already inflamed passageway clearing pathway easily getting rid unintentional goblin lodger once and for all..or until further advised!

Pro tip: Plan ahead trying different vegan replacement foods drinks sweeteners; tried-and-true favorites include raw honey agave syrup unsweetened almond/soy/oat milk herbal teas carbonated water cinnamon sticks several times per day depending on tolerance level intake .

Foods That Help (and Hurt)


  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric (curcumin is the active ingredient)
  • Salmons
  • Flaxseeds (has omega 3 fatty acids which helps fight infections)


  • Sugar
  • Dairy products (yogurt, cheese, ice cream)
  • Gluten-containing foods

Use Over The Counter Medication

When all else fail out fighting never seems work again you may need to resort heavier weaponry that is over-the-counter medication. Antihistamines like Claritin alleviate symptoms allergies — because we know there are no airborne allergy causing mucus in throat only! Meanwhile decongestants such as Sudafed Break up upper respiratory block themselves exits pathways.

Pro tip: Read dosage recommendations careful after taking avoid driving/operating heavy machinery those marshmallow incidents still make everyone uncomfortable.

Medication Benefits
Claritin Allergy relief
Sudafed Decongestant

Try Acupuncture or Acupressure Techniques

Acupuncture/acupressure traditional Chinese medicine techniques approach improving qi imbalances body by inserting needles small pressure points throughout skin surface. This not only promotes energy flow but also can potentially relieve blocked congestion draining fluids clear airways.

Pro tip: Close eyes let relax..if someone asks why hands decorative pins remember say “stylishly sustainable!”.’_’

Pressure Points for Congestion Relief:

  1. Gallbladder 20
  2. Large Intestine 4
  3. Lung 7 and Lung 5
  4. Stomach36

In conclusion getting rid mucus your throat once always involves multi-faceted attack plan from lifestyle intervention medicinal remedies Lastly – who knows? maybe accepting goblin roomie preferable alternative than going through everything before reading enough exorcism ritual!

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