How to get rid of hard toenails?

  • Fill a bath-tub with warm water and add a cup of Epsom salt to the water
  • Dip your toes in the lukewarm solution and make sure that the thick white toenails get completely immersed in the solution for about 30 minutes
  • Do this twice on a daily basis for the cure of white hard thick nails

Why are toenails so ugly? The most common cause of ugly toenails is fungus. Fungus is naturally present on our feet and in our shoes, especially in Houston where we have extreme heat and humidity. If given an opportunity to infect, such as after trauma to the toenail, the fungus will do so.

How can I get my toenails clear again? 5 easy steps to clean toenails Wash your feet and toenails Don’t be in a feeling that you’re wearing shoes so no need to wash, wearing shoes can’t stop bacteria invade. Use brush to clean toenails Dirt accumulate more on toenails and it can’t be removed by washing. Cut your toenails regularly Long nails attract more dirt and become tough to remove it.

How do you remove thick toenail? Another remedy to try to remove callus under toenail or thick skin under toenail is the mixture of lemon juice and glycerin. Glycerin is very prominent in healing thick skin under toenail and has hydrating ability as well.

What causes discolored toenails? The most common causes of discolored toenails are fungal and bacterial infections, but bruising and bleeding under the nail might also be to blame. In some cases discoloration is an indication of a much more serious condition, like diabetes, liver failure, or heart disease.