How to get rid of flaky skin from sunburn?

If you just got back from a tropical vacation or spent too much time outside in the summer heat, you might be feeling the painful aftermath of a sunburn. Not only does a sunburn hurt like hell, but it can also leave your skin looking red, flaky and irritated for days on end. While preventing a sunburn is always your best bet (wear more sunscreen than Beyoncé’s bodyguard), sometimes accidents happen. So what can you do when your previously luscious skin starts to resemble that dried-apple head doll from 2nd-grade art class? Here are some tips on how to heal and prevent flakes.


First things first – drink water. Sun exposure dehydrates our bodies which leads to dryness and even peeling skin when we don’t replenish with something other than margaritas (although they are delicious). Drinking plenty of fluids helps flush out dead cells & aids healing by improving lymphatic drainage.

Gentle Cleansing

Unfortunately, Letting that stinging burn develop into an itch-inducing peel requires patience and gentle treatment-all epic fails! Wash with lukewarm water/tepid shower instead of scalding hot soapy baths using mild cleanser but avoid scrub-a-dubbing which causes further irritation inflaming sensitive tissue beneath.


Often feels impossible as soon anything whatsoever touching/movements hurts over-chemicalized burned areas-but don’t worry because frequent moisturizing is especially essential while experiencing blistered bummer-sunburn; try slathering regular unscented lotion serums containing hydrating humectants soothing sensations allowing relief plus quench thirst!

Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Provides temporary relief without harsh chemicals Dermatologist Recommended
Lotion adds moisture to dry, rough skin Can be applied to minor burns
24-hour hydration Protects even the most delicate skin types

Using Aloe Vera

A must-have for sunburn care is deffinitely incorporating aloe vera-the ultimate soother because not only does it feel instantly refreshing (especially when chilled) but its active compounds reduce inflammation and pain (Jaw drop). Just scoop out some gel from a fresh leaf or purchase an after-sun lotion containing at least 70% Aloe.

Get Enough Vitamin C

Believe it or not, strengthening your immune system helps defend against harmful free radicals attracting some inappropriate tanning sessions producing few boundless burning fiascos. By consuming citrus fruits more alkaline-tasting foods such as Brussels sprouts/cabbage/sauerkraut-fight oxidation-inflicting damage amongst our precious DNA molecules!

Recognize Dangerous Areas

It’s important to listen to what your body needs! Sunburn can often be accompanied by dehydration leaving nauseous/having headaches-and if that happens? Take action quickly with cool temperatures/ lots of liquids ASAP electrolyte solution provided with goodness like coconut water/Pedialite sources!

Symptoms you should look out for
Nausea & vomiting
Rapid heartbeat

Avoid Peeling & Picking:

As tempting/flakes come off in flurries throughout day-peeling/picking promotes infectious underneath leading further breaking / scarring hands-down-leave old dead flakes where they belong; gone too far? Blunt scissors are safer than fingernails picking off top layer still yields bloody irritation leading infections( As disgusting as it sounds).

Don’t Forget Prevention Strategies :

Although easy-to-follow tips ultimately lead happier softer skin(except on occasions where rubbing pure ghost peppers on face occurs-but I digress), prevention remains crucial maintaining health effectively warding off irritation-filled days snagging tight peels!

Prevention Strategies
Apply face sunscreen daily(Most importantly) even while seated indoors
UVA/UVB protective broad-spectrum coverage products preferred to tanning oil
Avoiding peak sun hours particularly if you have fair skin is ideal

How Long For Healing?

The length of time it takes for a sunburn to heal depends on how severe the burn is, as well as your own individual healing processes. Generally, mild burns will take just a few days to heal completely, while more severe burns might take several weeks. There’s no way to speed up this process – but at least by following these tips, you can ease some of the discomfort and reduce any potential flaky or peeling skin.

Now that you’re well-versed in how to treat annoying flakes from sunburns; why not be generous & pass along knowledge those around us?

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