How to get rid of flabby cheeks?

Are you tired of feeling like a chipmunk storing nuts in your cheeks? Have you noticed your face becoming rounder and fuller, even though you haven’t gained any significant weight? Don’t worry; flabby cheeks are a common issue that many people experience as they age. In this article, we’ll dive into everything from exercises to lifestyle changes that can help get rid of those pesky pouches.

The Science Behind Flabby Cheeks

Before we jump into how to tackle the problem at hand, let’s first discuss what causes flabby cheeks. Typically, cheek fat is one of the last areas in the body where fat is burned naturally. This means that when you begin shedding pounds through diet or exercise, it usually starts elsewhere on your body before hitting your face.

Additionally, genetics play a huge role in whether someone has chubby cheeks. Genetics determines where we store and burn fat throughout our bodies.

Lastly, poor lifestyle habits such as not getting enough sleep or overindulging in alcohol or carbs can also contribute to excess facial weight gain.

Now that we have an understanding of what leads to flabby cheeks let’s delve into actionable tips for reducing them.

Practical Tips for Reducing Flab


Staying hydrated can work wonders when trying to reduce cheek fat because water helps increase blood flow and improves skin elasticity around the area. Aim for eight glasses every day – but if plain H2O isn’t inspiring enough try adding a spritz of lime juice or slice strawberry for flair – just be mindful these ingredients will add calories!

Munch On Chewing Gum

Believe it or not chewing gum may be beneficial for toning up those jowls! A study conducted by NCBI found participants who chewed gum experienced reduced measurements along their jawline after several weeks chewing regularly each day. The explanation behind this is chewing gum works the muscles in your face, providing a low-intensity workout that can burn cheek fat over time. So, why not hit two birds with one stone and chew some flavor-packed sugar-free gum for healthy cheeks?

Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are another excellent way to tone up parts of your face targeted towards improving circulation to regulate fluids around the facial tissue resulting in enhanced skin elasticity on cheek areas. Here are five simple stretches you may want to involve while performing a facial workout:

  • Fish Lips or Kissy Face
  • Cheek Puffs
  • Smile stretch
  • Chin lift
    Seated neck roll

Practice these moves daily for three sets of ten reps each.

Cut Back On Alcohol And Carbs

While it’s fun to sip on cocktails and indulge in carbohydrates-rich foods from time-to-time, these habits could lead to excess weight especially liquid calories work faster than solid ones since they don’t fill you as much; they’re quickly absorbed into our systems causing spikes blood sugar levels but falling right back down shortly after leading us craving more food! Instead opt-in whole -grain breads, lean protein choices such as chicken breasted fish along other nutrient meals incorporating veggies fruits well-balanced portions throughout the day will help reduce unwanted kilos!

Hit The Weights Or Cardio Machines

Adding exercise is always valuable when aiming at any kind of weight loss efforts since body movement leads calorie-burning performance management that gets even better results with consistent repetition through practice. Resistance training like lifting weights and cardio sessions serve dual purposes—the former targets specific muscle groups by increasing muscle density making them firmer while fitting toned physique everywhere else relatively speaking – giving an overall defined look across all regions!

General Lifestyle Changes To Assist With Flabby Cheeks Reduction Efforts

Aside from directly targeting pesky pouches here are some broader methods you can try out:

Adequate Sleep

For best results, aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. You may not realize it, but a lack of shut-eye leads to higher stress levels and water retention around the face which can result in swollen appearance leading us down unsightly blemishes over time causing breakouts redness on cheeks.

Meditation And Yoga

High cortisol levels often ramp up during hectic times which lead internal inflammation bloating – this could be even worse when retaining fluids as mentioned above. Adding yoga or meditation practice helps combat these external factors, reduce anxiety and improve emotional health all the while positively contributing towards getting rid trouble zones by regulating melatonin hormone levels throughout our body!

The Takeaway

Flabby cheeks are one of those frustrating issues that many people face at some point in their lives; however, thankfully there are ways you can work towards reversing the effects through lifestyle changes such as adequate hydration and sleep along with adding exercise routines directed towards cheek fat management rather than just general ones! Incorporate new habits gradually so they stick long-term keep testing different methods utilizing what works best for your needs – perhaps enabling facial stretching circuits started by doing fish lips kissy faces moving onto actual exercises’ possibilities endless!

Ultimately there isn’t one magic solution regards how get rid flab; instead investing both mental physical effort into techniques aimed reducing puffiness puffiness angles will bring success over time—if consistency disciplined approach wasn’t already part life anyway!!

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