How to get rid of discharge male?

Are you constantly feeling uncomfortable because of the discharge from your penis? Well, fear not my dear friend as we have got you covered! You might think that this is a rare occurrence, but it’s actually quite common. So, without further ado let’s dive deep into how to get rid of that pesky discharge!

Understanding Discharge

First things first, let’s get to know more about what exactly discharge is. In simple terms, male discharge refers to any fluid coming out of the penis other than urine or semen. This could be anything from clear and watery liquid to yellowish green thickness.


Itchy sensation around the tip of your package ✔️
Burning sensation while urinating (OUCH!) ✔️
Abnormal colour or texture of the discharge – NOT EVERYTIME THOUGH 🤷

Causes That We Must Get Rid Of

Now it’s time for us to figure out what causes these terrible symptoms so we can avoid them at all costs!

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STDs)

The most common cause behind male discharge are sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea. These notorious infections spread through sexual contact with an infected partner and usually come paired with different symptoms which must be treated by medical professionals ASAP!


Talking about Acute Prostatitis in simpler terms; prostate gland inflammation caused due by bacterial infection often results in pain while urinating accompanied by leakages.

Now that you have understood what causes this sickness moving forward we need remedy!

Treating Yourself At Home

If the aforementioned symptoms look similar then don’t worry as there are various home remedies one may try before seeking medical assistance unless severe.

Urinate Frequently

Try peeing as much times possible during day keeping yourself hydrated provides ample amount antibacterial properties
Letting that infection stay in and spread – definitely not worth it, right?

Saltwater soak

A hot saltwater soak may prove to be healing because of its ability to kill bacteria. Try adding a teaspoon of salt into 1 cup lukewarm water & sit for 10 mins.

Wear Loose Garments

Donning loose clothes allowing air circulation inhibits bacterial growth keeping them at bay minimising unnecessary retention.

Medical Assistance

Though tempting self medication is always an emergency call, we need expert’s opinion too!

Antibiotics for Bacterial infections

In case you have the aforementioned sexually transmitted diseases or Acute Prostatitis antibiotic test may cure your sickness also dependant upon how often any treatment taken priorly

Caring Yourself

Now that you understand what causes this problem let’s go over a few precautions one should take –

  • Practice Safe Sex with Condoms
  • Pee after Sex Sessions
  • Visit Doctors Regularly

Hey! This might feel like adding additional issues but trust us once treated there remains lower chances of recurrence while staying healthy overall!

Getting rid off discharge might not be an easy task; however now you are aware how home remedies along with medical assistance can transform us from struggling to enjoying life as ever before.
And lastly, preventions remain key always.

Stay Healthy !

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