How to get rid of chronic hiccups?

We all tend to hiccup occasionally, and it is a perfectly natural reflex action that our body uses to remove irritants or expel air. However, when hiccups persist for an extended period, they can become quite bothersome and even painful. There are several unconventional methods to stop chronic hiccups that we will be discussing in this article.

Understanding the Anatomy of Hiccup

Before diving into ways of stopping hiccups, let’s get familiar with what causes them. A hiccup is an involuntary contraction (spasm) of the diaphragm – a muscle found below the lungs that aids breathing – which results in rapid inhalation followed by immediate closure of the vocal cords. This blockage causes ‘hic’ sound.

Several factors can cause acute or chronic hiccups: spicy foods, carbonated drinks such as soda, alcohol consumption, smoking, excitement, stress and some medical conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), meningitis inflammation etc.

Do you know why babies often have frequent bouts of continuous uncontrollable hiccups? Because their spinal cord has not matured enough to communicate with other organs effectively! Thankfully though most adults experience these annoying contractions momentarily.

Get Your Scary Panda Jumps

One peculiar technique many people swear by is doing sudden jumps just like pandas! You might want to try this only when you’re alone because it can scare someone off if caught at home tripping around aimlessly!

The primary idea here involves jumping off something high suddenly; preferably more than 30 cm above ground level!. The thought process behind it suggests making your mind focus on scary thoughts so your system gets frightened enough from inside out triggering abnormal respiratory movements leading up-to gut reaction- instant relief from constant agonizing jerks!

Hold Your Breath Technique

Another popular remedy suggested includes holding breaths for extended periods. Now, this might make some sense – since the temporary diaphragm control allows you to reset your system and eliminate hiccups for a while.

To perform this technique effectively, take deep breaths (but not too deep) in through your nose while simultaneously plugging off nostrils tightly for max 30 seconds at a go- let it rest and repeat until you’ve cleared out completely!

Chew Some Dried Bread or Sugar

There is an old wives tale that tales of eating dried bread help stop constant hiccup digestion issues passes- but hold on? What about chunks getting stuck inside -what if it goes down the wrong hole?!

Another story goes by chomping on sugar helps fight dizziness caused symptoms more efficiently!

Stimulate Your Fright/Flight Reflex

Scary situations can sometimes provoke our fear response into fighting back against startle stimulation responding aggressively …just another mundane day in life struggles!!

So then why not put yourself under such a circumstance; like sneaking behind doors/tricks jumps continuously jarring machines provoking heat pumps inducing heart rate rises leading up-to fright leading away from isolated chronic contractions!

Sip Cold Water Fast

Another possible remedy suggests drinking cold water way too fast enough triggering body reflexes helping overpower frequent bouts of jerk movements quickly!

By imposing increased hydrostatic pressure internally, forcing esophagus phrenic nerve displace nervous systems motor patterns resulting in immediate short-term cures to excessive respiration stoppage.

Hold Pressure Points Around Neck Area

If you are looking for alternatives with lesser risks involved other than testing limits by jumping off or scaring someone else nearby…relax, we have got essential neolithic techniques!

The core idea here involves applying gentle palm pressure around six inches below the earlobes almost touching neck arteries together without applying stress forcefully.

## Hyperventilate Slowly

Sometimes overbreathing by inhaling and exhaling rapidly without stopping or pausing for periods can help misdirect the usual cycles leading up-to abnormal airflow patterns, ultimately leading to distortions reducing muscular spasms causing constant hiccups!

The trick here involves waiting longer n shorter intervals between breaths alternating gradually before stopping altogether. Inhale at will exhale frequently into bags resembling smaller with reduced surface areas as negative pressure impacts maximum!

Sudden cardio-intensive exercises such as squats or push-ups following hyperventilation techniques aren’t recommended!

Apply Pressure On Tongue

Pressing tongue smoothly down against hard surfaces while simultaneously counting numbers with breaks could also help overcome pressing hiccup problems effectively.

Practice Mind Control

One possible way of mind control includes looking away from the primary symptom focus area and envision something unrelated to direct body functions during deep breathing sessions.

This method requires sitting calmly in a comfortable chair thinking about music, colours anything that inspires one externally enough not focusing on what is happening inside.

Excessive Snacking Off Peanut Butter

Another homespun remedy involves eating peanut butter when bitten might force involuntary digestion blocks heartburn sensations giving nearly effortless results against persistent respiratory tract contractions.

# Conclusion

Chronic hiccups are possibly suggestive concerning underlying skin-related health conditions like acid reflux muscle spasms stretching digestive organs; they sometimes occur due to an annoyance in our daily life routine involving irregular working hours always check-in consultation so we’ll get you back on track!