How to get rid of brown recluse infestation?

Do you feel like your home has been overrun by brown recluse spiders? Fear not my arachnophobic friend, with these hilarious tips and tricks you’ll be spider-free in no time!

What are Brown Recluse Spiders?

Before diving into how to get rid of them let’s discuss what brown recluse spiders are.

Brown recluse spiders are venomous arachnids that inhabit the midwestern and southern United States. They can range in size from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch and have a distinct violin-shaped marking on their backs. These little buggers may seem innocent but their bite can cause serious harm.

Signs That You Have an Infestation

The first step in getting rid of a brown recluse infestation is identifying that one exists. Here some things to look out for:

  • Seeing multiple spiders around your home.
  • Finding spider webs around windows or doors, especially dark corners.
  • Noticing small eggs sacs inside or outside of your home.
  • Discovering shed exoskeletons lying around which means new spiders may be hatching (yikes!).

If you’ve noticed any of these signs then it’s time to take action.

DIY vs Professional Help

DIY Spider Hunting
Now before we go looking for help, why not try a fun afternoon activity called “DIY spider hunting”. Follow these tips for successful hunts:

1) Grab a flashlight
2) Dress up head-to-toe – this isn’t just another day out! Make sure those sneakers have socks long enough that they prevent potential bites reaching skin!
3) Check every corner at least twice
4) If found stay still — they won’t sting if left alone — observe detailing as much possible

You might even discover pictures worthy enough on social media — I mean, what better than shooting out “found Mr. Spider in the house! He’s a recluse from the midwestern US and is venomous” kind of story; alongside pictures you took prior to executing him/her? Yes, that level of excitement!

But if DIY spider hunting isn’t your thing or these 8 legged creatures have become more overwhelming than you can handle…it’s time to call in the professional help.

Professional Help
Hiring a pest control company may seem like an extreme measure but when it comes to brown recluse spiders it’s necessary for effective removal.

Preventative Measures

To prevent brown recluse infestations try some of our unexpected tips:

1) Clean up those crumbs pronto!! Keep kitchen counters clear so as not to tempt spiders with breadcrumbs.
2) Invest in thick curtains- No enemy will make its way through there!
3) Set out adhesive traps – Are they really enemies?
4) Plug all holes — ensure no shaking around windows and doors by checking regularly
5) Call an extensive network of arachnophobic friends who would be more-than ready to invade your space while seeking bonus points on their mock bravery badge

Keep these preventative measures intact after removing noticeable ones. Trust us; they aren’t worth risking having another encounter over!

Removing Brown Recluse Spiders

Now let’s get down into how we’re going to remove those pesky little critters from our homes once and for all:

  • Chemical Spray Treatments: Using chemical sprays should always be done by professionals because this stuff ain’t safe for non-trained individuals (we got chemicals here!). Proper gear needs wearing before getting ready ‘ChemicalMan’
  • Sticky Traps/Foggers: Keep fogger cans away from plain sight as much as possible, own multiple sticky traps but don’t forget where each one was kept.
  • Natural Repellents: Kindly trust this one, natural repellent are fire-breathing-dragon level when it comes to an arachnid infestations. Peppermint, cedar wood, lemons and even horse chestnuts can work like magic! Place them in strategic areas around your home for its magical exhalation

When Life Gives You Brown Recluse Spiders…

When life gives you brown recluse spiders – well in some sense it’s how we put up with the company (it’s yours anyway). So why not make the best of a sticky situation?

  • Create Artwork: Get artistic and create jewelry or paintings from pieces found around your home
  • Capture Photos: Join photo competitions on social media for the most eye catching pictures taken inside homes!
  • Start a Compost Pile: They’re still able to play part(s) indoors — stuff suffices towards sustainable living that reduces waste!

And there you have it folks, a funny quirk-filled guide on getting rid of those unwanted eight-legged friends. Remember prevention is always better than trying to get rid of them head-on!!

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