How to get rid of bloating from colitis?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re experiencing the unpleasantness of bloating from colitis. Let’s be honest – it’s not just uncomfortable; it can ruin your day (and night) and make socializing a bit embarrassing. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for dealing with this pesky symptom.

What Causes Colitis-Related Bloating?

The bloating associated with colitis is caused by inflammation in your gut resulting from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease (1). This inflammation causes gas retention in your digestive system leading to severe discomfort.

The Role of Gut Flora

One reason why people with IBDs may experience more bloating than others has to do with their unique gastrointestinal flora (2). You might have heard about probiotics – they contain live bacteria which assist digestion and help reduce inflammation by maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Unfortunately, traditional probiotics often aren’t enough for those suffering from colitis-related symptoms due to their non-targeted approach.

Simple dietary changes like reducing sugar intake might seem insignificant on paper however making these positive alterations overtime will improve an individual’s microbiome health(3) hence reducing Colitinal bloat & abdominal pain inside out! It is best advised to first consult a registered dietitian before going full blast into any suggestions made as different treatments will suit each user differentley based on lactose tolerance levels etc .

Tips For Relieving Diarrhea And Abdominal Pain Over Time:

Gentle Exercise

Daily activities such as walking at least 30 minutes aids bowel movement promoting stimulated gastric motility also known as running mates .This concept isn’t rocket science! Simple aerobic exercise helps shift extra water weight causing reduction in blood pressure.Allowing individuals suffering with IBD the chance breathe easy knowing fatigue won’t be a physical barrier as they go about their day to day lives.

Eat Smaller Meals

Three squares simply won’t cut it (4). Although eating smaller meals every two to three hours might seem time-consuming and impractical, it is crucial for those managing colitis related bloating. An optimal dietary regime would include smaller portions of food rich in lean protein which entails chicken, fish etc . The wise choice here is opting for colourful vegetables that have textured fibre resulting to slower digesting aiding IBD syndrome. carrots, broccoli iceburg lettuce and also going gluten free can promote decreased inflammation levels within the gut area.

Attempt At Treating Colitinal Bloating

Naturally we are inclined towards quick-relief methods however in this instant-step away from over-the-counter medicines(5), these treatments don’t work fast enough or have long term benefits not worth the expense(6).

Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness may sound too esoteric but a simple 20 minute meditation twice daily can help manage anxiety & stress levels which cause painful abdominal cramping. mindfulness has taken off due its popularity across media outlets Oprah regularly quotes her love for yoga! It’s an up-and-coming technique designed to bring control back into one’s life by finding inner peace through silence .

Cauliflower Like A Pro

Reports 7 suggest steaming your cauliflower instead of boiling causes fewer digestive issues thus reducing bloating symptoms associated with IBDs . Steaming causes production of sulphur cell compound known as Sulphoraphane which stimulates gut growth creating anti-inflammatory enzymes essential in stomaching foods comfortably regardless if you’re having trouble with basic carbs such dont shy away from easy alternatives like celery sticks,zucchini,cucumber all great vegetable bites on the run.

Drink Water With Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix apple cider vinegar and water at home (1-2 tsp/glass) ,and take before your meals. For years apple cider vinegar has been a laid-drink with unknown health benefits however, containing acetic acid and prebiotic properties this wonder drink prevents bacterial overgrowth, helping fix bad digestive systems promoting better absorption of nutrients in the guts.


It’s no secret that colitis-related bloating can be uncomfortable – some might say it’s a pain in the gut! However, we hope these tips have started you on your way to finding relief so that bloating is just one of those minor things in life, instead of ruining your day completely. Always remember though always consult with a medical professional before embarking on any lengthy dietary change as everybody’s journey is unique(8).

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