How to get rid of appendix pain?

Appendix pain is no laughing matter (unless you’re reading this article, then we suggest you laugh as much as possible). It’s a serious condition that can cause quite a bit of discomfort for those who are experiencing it. If you are currently dealing with appendix pain, or simply want to learn more about how to alleviate it, then look no further! In this article, we will be discussing ways on how to get rid of appendix pain in the most hilarious manner possible (cue laughter).

The Anatomy Lesson You Never Had

Before diving into treatment options, let’s first understand what an appendix is and why it causes such intense pain when inflamed. The appendix is a thin elongated pouch located at the lower right side of the abdomen (a fancy way of saying your belly). Experts don’t fully know its purpose but research suggests that it may play a role in gut immunity during fetal development.

When an infection occurs and there is not enough white blood cells around, bacteria from our bowels could migrate into our appendices causing blockage hence inflammation known as appendicitis thus leading to symptom like fever, nausea or acute/chronic abdominal pains (“hmmm sounds familiar” – inner voice).

Treatment Options That Will Make Appendicitis Feel Like A Joke

Herein listed are some suggested treatments:

1) Avoid Ripping Your Side with Laughter

The number one rule when experiencing any sort of physical discomfort: make jokes about your current situation. Yes folks – keep yourself distracted by thinking up puns and sarcastic remarks no matter how painful things seem (e.g “Guess my organ had beef with me”).

2) Sip Up On Ginger Tea

Ginger has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties which would aid digestion while reducing inflammation within the liver; thereby helping relieve the dull appendicitis pain (best way to get yourself out of a pickle).

3) Heat or Cold Therapy?

Here, it’s best to choose your poison depending on what your body is comfortable with. For some, applying heat may do the trick and for others cold compresses maybe more soothing on the inflamed appendix. Check your preference — they both aim to relieve muscle tension thus increasing blood flow hence reducing inflammation which ultimately eases pain.


No matter how hilarious this article might be, know that alternating between hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) – hot tub recipe boils down the abdominal region thinking it helps ‘at home’. Don’t do it! It is outright dangerous and doctors don’t recommend rubbing alcohol either!

4) Pain Management?

Nobody likes being in pain most especially when you can laugh about anything else but even with available remedies mentioned above; if at any point you feel like an elephant has rested its rear end on top of you – see a doctor near you immediately. They would advise the appropriate dose of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that have analgesic action such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or paracetamol — we highly recommend sticking within safe dosage limits!

Final Thoughts

It’s always essential to remember that prevention is better than cure so proactively watching out for symptoms towards preventing further complications should take precedence while ensuring necessary steps are taken nonetheless when dealing with appendix inflammation/pain (we hope “guess my organ had beef with me” brightens up somebody’s day).