How to get rid of an old organ?

Are you wondering how to get rid of that old organ collecting dust in your home? Maybe it was passed down from a great aunt or uncle, or maybe you purchased it at a garage sale thinking you were going to be the next Mozart. Whatever the reason for having it, now is the time to say goodbye. But don’t worry – getting rid of an old organ doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to bid farewell to that musical relic in no time.

Assessing Your Options

Before diving into getting rid of your organ like Jack Sparrow finding treasure, let’s evaluate your options first.


Selling your old instrument can help put money back in your pocket and give someone else the opportunity to play music on it. Plus, selling organs has become more popular due to their unique sound in modern music genres such as rock and indie pop.


If making a few extra bucks isn’t important, donating may appeal more to those who wish just simply get rid of their unwanted furniture piece while feeling good about helping others.


Sometimes there will come a point when neither selling nor donating are viable solutions for disposal because condition,such as water-damaged keys or broken pedals,made them non-functionable. In this instance disposing could probably end up being cheaper than repairing them,hence dumping away whatever functionless parts left.

Now that we know our options ,let’s discuss some tips before saying goodbye:

Gather Information about Your Organ

When people talk about knowledge they mean power but with knowledge about anything,one becomes Superhuman! . It helps knowing what material(s) leaving the house and its environmental impact might affect.

  • Consult The User Manual: Gathering information through examining user manuals obviously provides valuable pieces data such as original selling point,its unique features and also how to troubleshoot problems arising from the organ itself.

  • Research Online: If user manual isn’t available or one needs more technical information than manuals provide,internet search engines set things in motion for you. Finding useful webpages is easy when using phrases like ‘Organ manufacturers’,’Organ functionalities’ and also YouTube tutorials.

Clear Out Unnecessary Fittings

Before unload built-in instruments,it’s important that unused pedals,power cords,KVM splitter cables inputs have been unplugged in order to make sure all connections between the organs and ties are loosened prior giving them off.Doing this lessens your packing duties too,because removing superfluous fittings lower its weigh and footprint so can be moved much easier.

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye! Here are some options depending on which option fit best (or would bring a good ‘ol smile) .

Selling Your Organ

The first step in selling an organ is extensive research on places where advertisements are always read:

  • The Forums : Check online communities such as subreddit r/hammondorgan . Old instrument enthusiasts flock here,genuinely curiously looking not only for beats but also bargains.

  • Social Media Platforms : Marketplaces within Facebook groups may help narrow down local buyer inquiries without having pay shipping costs.Ebay listings (including heavy duty stand) usually reach passionate musicians who’ll put every part into reconditioning them.

Don’t forget photograph recently taken pictures displaying product condition;pics must highlight worth with eyes-catching visuals while respecting their accuracy.When selling over classified websites honesty remains key meaning any dents,dust bunnies ,scratches visible should included in descriptions.It certainly saves everyone involved trouble fathoming whether what they paid corresponds with the reality depicted by images.

Donating Your Organ

If donating seems like a better option,you can always research about nonprofit organization with mission related to bringing artistic education in under-resourced areas.Other good reasons for organdonation that directly benefit charities including rural schools,churches and charitable art halls.

Donating an organ not only brings joy (music) to deprived properties but it might also be possible get certain rewards (tax benefits). Make sure you contact the non-profit corporation in advance so you know what documents are needed as proof of donation.

Disposing of Your Organ

Disposing needs extra thought because dumperting things in the trash isn’t environmentaly friendly.Orders have a new inception: recycling or upcycling. Luckily there’s still hope with several members who inspired from Dirty Jobs and combined their love for construction,painting ,and eavi metal turned apparently demolished parts into wall decor,reusing recovered components like bellows were creatively pursued.

Getting rid of an old organ can seem intimidating at first,but remember,with comprehensive knowledge and prep work,the process will go smoothly.Whatever option decided upon,to make any use from organs important such online communities say that after cleaning out negative environment trapped within them,you’ll serve other peoples’ lives tirelessly.

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