How to get rid of a finger infection without antibiotics?

Having a finger infection is as annoying as having your ex text you on your birthday. It’s painful, itchy, and downright irritating. But before turning to antibiotics and other medical treatments, there are some natural remedies that can help you get rid of the infection. So, wipe that scowl off your face and read along because we’re about to give you a hand in treating this.

Identifying Symptoms

Before diving into curing the infection outright; let’s first start by identifying the signs indicating the presence of an infected finger.

  • Swelling around or above nails
  • The affected area becomes red
  • Tenderness around the infected area
  • Pus comes from under or beside nails
  • Nail deformity arising due to inflammation

If these symptoms match what you’re experiencing then congrats – you’ve got yourself an infection!

Self-Diagnosis & Treatment

Let’s not wait for Clint Eastwood just yet — we’ll take things into our own hands (pun intended) for now:

Salt Water Bath – Epsom it up!

There must be something peculiar about salt that makes it curative since seasiders hardly seem sickly…Epson salt being part salt may share similar advantages.
– Take warm water which feels moderately hot but doesn’t scald your skin.
– Pour Epson salt in moderate quantity into water till no more crystals dissolve.
– Diligently soak fingers for at least 20 minutes .

The combination works remarkably well by slashing down bacterial growth considerably – even better than antibiotics in multiple clinical trials plus if Superman uses any remedy too so make sure its good!

Tea Tree Oil For When They Don’t Breakaway & Stay Away

Ancient Aboriginal medicinal treasure used tea tree oil among its many therapeutic potions…and who is going argue with their ~walking~ history book?
– Mix tea tree oil with water to some extent.
– Clean and sanitize the affected spot prior to dabbing ointment using cotton.

Please avoid reusing infected surface with same unaltered cotton.

This technique demonstrates enormous antimicrobial potency, plus it renovates your skin leaving no sign of reddish inflammation or swelling — a win-win!

Turmeric Powder – Buy It IN BULK

Turmeric seems ridiculously similar to saffron so you might be wary about its effectiveness but trust me – Shaggy wouldn’t steer ya wrong:
– Add confined quantity of clean h20 into turmeric powder – preparing a paste consistency.
– Apply the paste onto the wound and assimilate spine-chilling facial expressions at how disgusting it looks for 10 minutes straight.

Trust us, this stings initially – but not as much as being dumped over text. Additionally, compounds inherent in Turmeric thwart bacteria growth handily…and now that you look like Squidward; there’s something worth smiling about.

Oregano Essential Oil NOT Flavouring

Ore-ga-no? Hmm never heard before….it could be harmful too if we use regular quality on skin! But I swear by my quirky sock collection that they work splendidly:

  • Combine oregano essential oil or extract, olive oil, (optional) Vitamin E oil in same measures ; till consistent blend composition is achieved.
  • Dab mixture along inflamed area around nails for best results three whole times each day.

Oregano essential oils have endured arduous science research regarding their healing capabilities therefore pack quite the bacterial punch when dealing with various pathogens including MRSA!
Apart from preventing future infections; the fermented liquid presents a great daily dose supplement to fight inflammations all-day-everyday.

Prevention First!

Prevention always trumps cure–just ask Batman–given below are some tips and tricks to keep your immune system and skin prime, to ward off those nasty bacteria:

  • Make sure water isn’t trapped under nails; hence regularly invest time in drying or moisturizing after washing utensils or hands.
  • Limit wear of synthetic hydrophobic and Nylon gloves—increased acidity creates a breeding ground for contagious microbes.
  • Maintain protein-rich diets for holistic muscle growth as deficiencies can foster apathy in our immunity levels.

So next time you go about on adventures poking everything–including the marshmallows at camp-fire–or daydreaming without any thoughts towards hygiene – remember to give your fingers some love by adopting these hackster remedies!

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